March 31, 2011


Hey Everyone!
Wow, the other day I got the biggest bunch of packages in the mail!  It was so pawesome!  Check out how I cleaned up courtesy of cool Blogville pups.
  Wow, three packages for me!

First:  From my bestest girl Zona!  She's the most super cool woo dog ever.  For my barkday she sent me a new bandana..with hearts on it!  Also, I got a card, yummers and a cool book/frisbee combo for doing zoomies and tricks!  Isn't she amazing!  I lover her tons.  Thanks, Zona girl, you're the best.

Then from my Pal Pip, I got the most cool stuffy toy!  Isn't it neat!  This was my door prize from the auction.  I love playing with it all around the house.  He also threw in a bonus bone!  You're too cool, Pip.  Thanks a ton for the pawesome stash!

Then I got my auction item!  A really cool book about loving dogs and keeping everyone happy.   Here's a pix of that book and the great one Zona gave me.  My thanks to Maggie and Milshelb for the great auction item!  You're too great!

Anyway, the post office is going to have to name a wing after me at this rate!   Thanks again to Pip and MBG Zona for the great goodies and to Maggie & Milshelb for the auction goodie!

Grr and a Grateful Woof,
Sarge, COP

March 30, 2011

PSA Blogville PD Nut Cracker Gang Report

To all concerned citizens of Blogville, we offer the following report.  The Blogville Police Department is continuing the surveillance and investigation into the activities of the infamous Nut Cracker gang.

Following are just a few of the prime suspects in this case.  There are many others.  Should you encounter any of these rough characters, use extreme caution and report your information immediately to the Blogville PD.

Bugsy "The Babe" Ruth

Mugsy "Militant" Moe

Pusgy "Pout Cheeks" Ratty

Please stay tuned for further information and details as this case nears an arrest.

Grr and Woof,
Your Blogville Police Department,
Sarge, COP
Zona, Chief Deputy
Pip, Chief of Detectives
Puddles, Private Investigator
Mona, Civilian Desk Clerk

March 29, 2011


Following is a detailed video found during the current investigation into the criminal activity of the infamous Nut Crackers gang.  This gang has incorporated Grey, Red, Fox, Ground, Pine, and yes, even Flying Squirrels as members.  They are diverse and nasty and they continue their illegal activities.

Please click on the following link to see some of the information we've uncovered:

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP
Zona, Chief Deputy
Pip, Chief of Detectives
Puddles, Private Investigator
Mona, Civilain Desk Clerk

March 28, 2011


Hey Everyone!
Wow, I hope you all got to see the pix from my stakeout with Zona on Saturday!  We are hard at work observing the dreaded Nut Crackers gang.  We know they have Trick and Pinto and we are learning their routine and local hangouts.  An arrest is coming very, very soon.  We fully expect to safely return Trick and Pinto to their homes...and bring the gang in without incident.  More on that later.

For now, it's time for week two of my new series...Wacky Webster.   I'm going to show you two of the word verification thingies that show up on our blogs, and tell you what I think each one means.  Feel free to comment your thoughts on a daffy definition for them!   I really enjoyed everyone's comments last week, so I hope you'll have fun with this and play along each Monday.    Here we go.......

Buingoni:   A delicious Italian pasta meal, brought to your table piping hot.  
ie: Buing that goni dish here fast...I'm starved!


Twotome:  A drunken slang term.  
ie:  Hey, Frankie, halfway through Shiloh's BD party and a few drinks,
you started to look like two-to-me! 

So, what do you think these strange terms mean???    Have fun and I'm looking forward to your comments. 

Grr and A Wacky Woof,
Sarge, COP

March 27, 2011


In a continuing effort to keep the citizens of Blogville informed, the following report is submitted by your Blogville Police Department.  Chief Deputy Zona has remained diligent in her stakeout duties.  She is working this case at 110% and will not rest until an arrest is made and the victims are safe.  Following are detailed surveillance pix.
Lookin' good, Deputy Girl!

Hey, Chief, they came through here!

Watching the crime gang in the woods.

Let's look over there!  More of the gang..

These are just a few examples of her excellent work on this case.  Together, we are gathering a mountain of evidence against the infamous Nut Cracker gang. 

Through her excellent police work, Chief Deputy Zona was able to document more evidence in this case.  Her photograph is included below.  Her work is proof that this gang, known as the Nut Crackers frequently resort to grand theft auto.  Puddles' Pinto is not the only victim of their crimes.

Please stay tuned as your Blogville PD continues to work this case.  Again, now that we have learned much of the Nut Crackers habits, an arrest will be made very soon.

Grr and an Official Woof,
Sarge, COP
Zona, Chief Deputy

March 26, 2011



Chief of Police, Sarge here with Chief Deputy Zona to further update the community regarding the status of recent crimes in our fair city.   

Chief of Detectives, Pip along with Private Investigator, Puddles recently announced that their hard work and dedication has resulted in the naming of suspects in the Mayor Furter residence break-in and kidnapping as well as the grand theft of Puddles' Pinto.    Chief Deputy Zona has interviewed the subject known as Charcoal and cleared him of any wrong-doing.  On the contrary, Charcoal is to be commended in this matter.  The evidence has shown that upon hearing the shattering of glass, Charcoal selflessly entered the Furter residence in an attempt to capture the criminals.  He did succeed in running them off before more damage was done.  For his heroism, Charcoal has the thanks of this department and the community of Blogville.  Nice job, Bugs (ahem).

Combining the findings of Pip and Puddles with the eyewitness statements of neighbor, Jim the Grinch Guy and information provided by Charcoal, we are confident in the identities of our criminals.  Accordingly, Zona and I have conducted a very stakeout of the territory known to be frequented by the suspects.  Detailed photos follow this report.   We can announce that the kidnap and carnap victims have both been observed during this stakeout and both appear to be unharmed.   The location of the criminals' hideout is confirmed and under observation.  Hopefully, this will lead to an arrest and retrieval of the victims in the days to come.

We are asking for the public's continued patience and support as an arrest is forthcom...uh...about to take place.  More details will be released when an arrest is made in this case.  We are confident that the criminals will be arrested quickly and safely.  Documentation of these events are being metick...dutyfl...kept in great order by Civilian Desk Clerk Mona. 

On behalf of Deputy Zona, Detective Pip, Investigator Puddles and Clerk Mona we thank you for your attention.

             Pssst, you see them?

So that's their hang out!  Shhhhhh
**I wonder how they got the Pinto up that tree?**

Come on...they're running over here!   Darn tree rats!
Sneak, sneak, sneak...tippy paw, tippy paw...

Grr and a Stealthy Woof,
Sarge, COP

March 25, 2011

Guess What Day It Is

Hey Everyone!  
Yup, you are right!  Wow, today is my 5th barkday!!   Mom and Dad have promised me lots of goodies...yummers and pressies!    Party pix to follow:

My bestest giftie ever...Mr Dell !

My favorite yummer treats...PB Cheery-Oh bites!

All for my big day.  I'm one lucky hound!!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

March 21, 2011

Wacky Webster week one

Hey Everyone!
Wow, first I gotta ask everyone to keep their paws crossed and send healing vibes to my best girl Zona.  She has a bumpy that is icky and her (cute little) knee is bothering her.  Her sister Cali has a bumpy too and they could use some power of the paw.  Thanks for sending the puppy love to them.

Now, onto my newest series!  Since I ran out of super cool knots in my house for us to analyze, I thought we could have some fun with these word verification squiggly letter thingy-mabobs.   I've been quietly taking pix of some of the interesting ones I've seen lately.   So, here's my thought:   Each Monday, I'll show you one of these squiggle words...then you comment what you think the definition of that word should be.   I'll just comment on these like everyone need for me to do a follow up next day post like I did for the knots.  Everyone can just see what everyone else thinks the word means.   Anyone have peeps who remember "sniglets"?  Same idea.   Sound like fun???
Here's a set to start us off...


Okay, now here's what I think these mean.

1.  orloo:   If Minnie Mouse married Napolean, they'd live in Orloo.    Get it?  Orlando+Waterloo=Orloo?   Bwar har BOL   At least I get it...

2.  pankled:   Flapjacks with just a touch of glitter for extra flavor and crunch.
Flapjacks, just a little know, like lead?!?

There you go... I hope you all get the idea and will find this fun.   Sorry for the blurrs, sometimes the camera doesn't like Mr Dell's screen.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy and thanks for playing along with me.

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

March 19, 2011

Snicker Saturday Senior Moment

Hey Everyone!
Wow, this was a huge shock...then a chuckle.

So the other day I was having Mom change my snazzy bandana into another snazzy bandana and I noticed something very strange!!   My know, we all have our tags/license things.  Well, I've never really looked at mine, but I sure should have.  Check out the pix below to see what I found out!

Here are my tags...and my cool bandana...

But check this out!!    Oh, the confusion!

Wait just a minute!   I'm only 5...and I'm not officially 5 until the 25th!   This is just wrong, wrong, wrong.   Then I got to the chuckle part.  Mom informs me that my (craddle robber) Dad bought this for me with a senior citizen discount...because he's the geez...uh...I mean older peep!   BWAR HAR HAR  BOL BOL    This made it all really funny...except I do still wonder how come it is I still end up wearing the "old guy" tag.   Must be some sorta peep joke.    HAR HAR

Happy Saturday everyone!
Grr and a Youthful Woof,
Sarge, COP

March 17, 2011

One Weird Toy

Hey Everyone!  Top 'o the mornin' to ya!   Happy St Patricks day to all.

Wow, sometimes Mom & Dad are the greatest!  Case in point: My new furiend Mr Dell.  PAWESOME!  And now, this!  Check out this supremely weird new ball I got the other day!   It wobbles around and makes these super strange whiny noises.  I just gotta try to kill it!!!   Sarge Bash!  I worked so hard at killing this thing that I'm all panting and huffing.   You can hear it making those amazing sounds.  BOL  You'll notice that I did my favorite trick of shoving a toy under a piece of furniture so I can throw a major fit and make a peep come get it for me.  Extra fun!   It's really cool.  Anyway, enjoy the action.  (Note how the toy matches my fashionable St Patty's day bandana...nice!)

These videos are fun!  
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

March 14, 2011

Mother Murphy Moppin' Monday

Hey everyone!

Wow, I think I can actually do a short video!   I'm really working hard with my new furiend Mr Dell to learn the tricks of great blogging.

 Today, I tapped into my inner puppy and did something I haven't done for a really, really long time.  I decided to entertain Mom while she was mopping the floor.  I know this is a really boring chore, so I tried to cheer her up...worked like a charm.   Check this out:

Boy, I sure hope this worked!  I'll be all sorts of embarrassed if it didn't.  Hopefully you will all be laughing at this video instead of my lack of tech skills.

Either way, Enjoy!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

March 12, 2011

PSA Blogville PD Supplemental Report PSA

Good morning.  In an effort to keep the public informed with regards to the current investigation of Blogville's recent criminal activities, the BPD is issuing the following press release.   Along with Chief Deputy Zona, a thorough interview has been conducted with the caller who initially reported the incident at Mayor Furter's residence.   Following are the results of that interview.

Chief Sarge:  Would you please identify yourself for the record?
Caller:  No.  I wish to remain annonymous. 
Chief:  Really?  Wow, grrrrruff way to start.  Lemme try again... We would like to verify your indentity for the report.
Caller:   Right.  I heard you.  No!
Deputy Zona:  Okay, we can protect your identity from the public, but you really must show us proof of your id.
Caller:  Oh, okay, no problem.  All she had to do was ask.
Chief Sarge:  WOW, I DIDN'T RECOGNIZE YOU!!   OMD   Okay, um, well.  Let's continue.  What alerted you to a situation at Mayor Frankie Furter's residence?
Caller:    I was walking in my neighborhood when I heard breaking glass.   Since I hadn't dropped my beer bottle, I wondered what it was.  I looked up towards Frankie's house and could hear some commotion, but it was dark enough I couldn't see really good.  Moments later, I saw what looked like critters scurrying away from the house and heading for the woods. 
Chief Sarge:  How many did you see and could you describe them?
Caller:  *&^&*^@! no.  I said it was mostly dark.   
Deputy Zona:  Well, do you have any idea how many and what they might have looked like?
Caller:  Oh, okay, of course.  There seemed to be several of them...all running kinda quick-like.  I'd say they were smaller than an elephant, but bigger than a crickett. 
Chief Sarge:  Okay.  Now we're getting somewhere.  Can you describe them!?  Were they carrying anything?
Caller:  How should I was mostly dark. 
Deputy Zona:  Do you think they took anything with them?
Caller:  Oh, yeah.  It looked like they had a few things dragging along with them.
Chief Sarge:  Please describe the best you can...since it was "mostly dark"...what they were dragging.  And would you reconsider and identify yourself publicly?
Caller:  No!  I don't want involved in this mess.  I couldn't tell what they had.
Chief Sarge:  Okay.  What happened next?
Caller:  After all that ruckus, the last thing I saw was a small, dark grey-ish looking furball with big ears.  It came outa the house dead last...sorta after all the others had run off.    It scurried right after them and disappeared into the woods.
Deputy Zona:  What did you do after that?
Caller:  I went straight home and called the Police Department to report what I heard and saw.  I spoke to that nice Clerk, Mona.  She took down the info and told me I would be contacted by the Chief.  She got my name and number, but said I could stay anonymous to the public.
Deputy Zona:  You've been very helpful.  Is there anything to add, and would you please reconsider and identify yourself for the citizens of Blogville?
Caller:  I got nothing else to add.  I'm just trying to be a good citizen and neighbor.  Frankie's a swell guy.  Oh well, okay.  I guess it won't hurt to say...  They call me JIM...JIM THE GRINCH GUY.

The preceding transcript has been turned over to our very competent Chief Detective, Pip for his continued investigation.  More details will be made public as they become available and have been verified.

Thank you, Mr. Grinch Guy for your cooperation in this matter, and for being a good citizen.

                                                    Chief Deputy, Zona

         Chief, Sarge

March 11, 2011


Good morning.

Your Blogville Police Department would like to offer a brief update on the current investigation into the circumcis...dang...circumstances surrounding the break in, theft and kidnapping which occured at Mayor Furter's residence.  We are aware that there is great public interest in this case and we assure you that we share your concern and we are working to solve this crime. 

Through interviews conducted by myself
and my very capable Chief Deputy Zona, we have officially cleared the subject known publicly as Puddles.  She is no longer a suspect.  We thank her for her cooperation.  Discoveries at the scene and her initial inability to remember her whereabouts and actions on the night in question resulted in further questioning.  There was also the slight problem of her proper identification.  She did have difficulties providing proper proof of her full identity, however we have cleared her in this matter.  Despite her inability to clarify her legal last name, she has been exonerated.

We want to reassure the public that we continue to interview witnesses and our Chief Detective, Pip will be handling this investigation upon the completion of our interviews.  Another report will be made tomorrow, Saturday, morning regarding this situation.  Thank you for your patience as we continue our thorough work.  We remind you that the wheels of the bus...dang...(off mic:  DAAAAD, how's that go again?   Oh, right, got it!)  The wheels of justice go round a...(DAAADD,  yeah, okay.)  The wheels of justice turn slowly, but in the end, we will get our man or critter.

Thank you.
Sarge, Chief Of Police
Zona, Chief Deputy
Pip, Chief of Detectives
Mona, Civilian Desk Clerk 

March 09, 2011







March 06, 2011

Mango Monday

Hey Everyone!

Wow, it's been quite a while since I found something that I know the Relentlessly Huge would be interested to see.   Last time, I found a place along the road that was selling (gulp) Mango Ice Cream!!  Oh, the horror!    Now I enjoy ice cream as much as any pup or peep, but I guarantee you that our vehicle did NOT stop in for a cone that day!  

Anyway, just look what I ran across this time...

Now, I don't know about all of you furiends of mine, and I don't know about the RH, but I am just guessing that none of us are at all wild about getting our nails trimmed.  I can tell you I absolutely hate the whole scenario.  Aparently this spa place for peeps is also offering to clip the RH's nails for him.  This is too strange if you ask me. 

Have any of you ever seen anything like this?
Mango, Man is this really something you'd want???

Grr and a Confused Woof,
Sarge, COP

March 05, 2011

Snicker Saturday Tongue tacular

Hey Everyone!     Happy  Snicker  Saturday!      Lets laugh along with me today...My funny face.
Wow, I'm here with my new furiend Mr Dell!  We're having so much fun with these new exciting things we can do with our 24/7 blogging!  I'm really glad we can have more adventures now.  See Thursday's post if you aren't up on my new 'puter!

Did you hear that Anna the GSD is having a tongue contest?  Check her cool blog out at annathegsdDOTblogspotDOTcom.   As you can see, I have a really weird looking tongue.  It's all splotchy and looks like a big ink blot like a human head-shrinker would use to see if a peep is, well, having issues.   Anyway, here are the pix to prove I have a pawesome tongue!

Teeeheeee  BWAR HAR HAR.  I know my lip-lapper is really funny!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

March 03, 2011

omd omd omd omd MY HAPPIEST DAY EVER omd omd omd omd

My peeps are the bestest ever!   Mom & Dad have given me the coolest of cool barkday presents!
Did I forget to mention that my barkday is March 26, I will very soon be a big 5 years old. 
Anywho, I got my pressie wanna see?????

Go ahead, scroll down and look!
Hurry up, come on, let's go!!

No more trips to the library only when it's open...I got 24/7 blogging to my heart's content!

I have been holding this huge secret for weeks and weeks (about 87 weeks, Frankie!) and now it's here and ready for me to use.  Now that I can do this anytime I want, I can have soooo much more fun with all of you furiends.  Come on...let's blog n roll!!

Grr and a Hugely Excited Woof,
Sarge, COP

March 02, 2011

March 01, 2011

EYE WOOD KNOT final answer

Hey everyone!
Welcome back to my last knot in this series.  It has been a huge blast for me and I really thank all of you for pawticipating and joining the fun.  You're all the greatest!

Here we go:

Here is yesterday's knot...
And below is what I see with this one...

Did any of you see a smiley face???
That's a nice way to end this and thanks again for playing along.
It's really been great fun.

BTW:   Don't forget the big auction for Ronni & Richie!  
Check out pawsforpeaceDOTblogspotDOTCOM.
Keep those donations coming in and get ready to bid!
They'd be there fur us fur sure!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP