July 31, 2013

Winning Wednesday

Hey Everyone!
Wow, I've been overwhelmed with luck lately and I'm so very happy about it!  BOL   Remember back at the beginning of the month, WHN at Dachsies With Moxie announced the winning bids for the Moore Tornado Benefit Auction?   Of course you do.   Well, lucky pooch that I am, I won the bid on two amazing items.    Here they are...

First was this cool collection of dog-themed greeting cards from Reilly & Denny!   Oh, they are so very cute and will be fun to send to my furiends.  In case you missed it, click back to yesterday's post to see all of the wonderful things that Reilly & Denny sent to me and the crabby girls for the Christmas in July event.  I'm still overwhelmed.    For the auction, here are the cards they made:

This was the auction ad that I bid on.

Here are the cards I received and they are so adorable!

OMD I'm so glad I won these!
Reilly & Denny have the most talented Mom, don't you agree?!?

Second was a beautiful piece of jewelry that I bid on for my Mom...and won!   It was from my furiend Easy in France.  It arrived with a little something extra and amazing!

Here is the ad for the item.  What a pretty necklace/pin combo.

And here is the kitty fur real...and look at the bracelet that Easy sent!

OMD it has the Eiffel tower on it!   Oh, it's so pretty and perfectly French.
My Mom is crazy about both things and has worn them to work already!

 AND AND AND look at this extra goodie that Easy sent to me! 
I can't believe my eyes!

 It's my very own Wenlock!   He's the police officer mascot for the Olympics in London!
Isn't that cool.   Me being the Chief of Police and all, this is perfect.  I love it bunches.

So, see what I mean about being a lucky hound?    Thanks so very much to my good and generous and talented furiends.    You're the bestest buddies, Reilly, Denny, Easy and WHN!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Furiend

July 30, 2013

Christmas In July

Hey everyone!
Wow, I'm the luckiest pooch ever!   I joined in with Sprinkles and Finn for the Christmas In July event...formerly the doggone dog swap.   This is always so much fun and I've pawticipated in this about 3 times now.  It is a fabulous time! 

Well, this year I am so happy that I was paired with Reilly and Denny.  Yesterday, my pressie pack arrived and OMD was it loaded up!    Check out these pix:

 Woohooo!   Look at all of this loot!
OMD Reilly & Denny are such super shoppers.

There was a cute card, three different packs of treats, a bone and 2 bandanas.
And, for the crabby girls, there is a plant, a pineapple hut, 2 signs, dried shrimp and shells.

Beachnut, Oceana & Shelldon are all agog.  They are thrilled with their pressies!

Oh, I'm so excited that I climbed right up on the table!

OMD I couldn't wait...I put on one of the bandanas and grabbed a venison stick!
Delish snack and the bandana is perfect for my fur.

The crabby girls scored big-time!   This is clawsome stuff!

Check out Shelldon inside her new pineapple hut!   She's so very happy with it!

So, a huge big, ginormous thank you to Reilly & Denny for being so amazingly generous.   And thanks also to my furiends Wylde One and Finn for coordinating the event.  You are all wonderful!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP
and the Crabby Girls

July 29, 2013

Crabby Monday...Ocean Life

Hello, Darlings.   We crabby girls are moving forward with our next spectacular adventure!

Welcome to B.O.S.'s Ocean Life Aquarium!
We offer Blogville a new classy destination for the whole family to enjoy.

 We crabby girls, Beachnut, Oceana & Shelldon have arranged for the 
latest in marine habitats for our sea-going specimens.   They are gorgeous creatures
right here for you to appreciate and enjoy.


Shelldon here visiting our fierce shark friend.  

Beachnut here passing through the main exhibit hall to see how the tanks look.

   Here are some of our favorite tropical species.  
This is a picture from months ago...wait until you see these fishies now!

Aren't they spectacular?
We have provided them with excellent nutrition and 
they are thriving!

Oceana and Shelldon here visiting with our starfish and marine turtle.
They are such amazing and beautiful creatures.

We hope you like our aquarium and will visit it often.
Gee, and we could always use volunteers to help with
feeding, and cleaning tanks and selling tickets.
Would any of you, our fabulous friends, like to join us?

Ciao, Darlings and
Little Pinches,
Beachnut, Oceana, Shelldon

July 27, 2013

Wordless Water Hound Explained

Hey Everyone!
Wow, I had a ton of great comments for my Wordless Wednesday Water Hound post the other day!  That was where I posted pix of me in my new Radisson canoe.    I have lots of wonderful water in my territory and I love to get out in it.   Oh, BOL to those of you who asked if I'm in the Coast Guard!    BWAR HAR HAR that's too funny and I'd love to be fur real.  But, alas, I'm just a regular pooch who loves water sports.

So, here's the deal about the water.   

This is the beginning of the story.   I have a creek in my territory!   It's so nice to float down, and swim in, and fish in.   It has lots of fish including several pawesome species of trout.
 Isn't the creek beautiful?    Lots of wildlife here.

The creek flows down stream through my territory and ends up going under this neat bridge.  Would you believe that every Spring we get enough heavy rain that this bridge is totally and completely under water?   TRUE TRUE TRUE   You can't even see the bridge at all.    
After the creek goes past the bridge...
it widens out further and further and then... flows into the Lake in my territory!   Yes, I have a lake too.   Isn't it gorgeous?

 This is me and my Dad going for a little wading at the marina and boat launch for my Lake.


We're not done yet!    Next, the lake ends at a Dam.   It's a whopper and it controls the water.  The U.S. Corps of Engineers makes sure that the right amount of water is allowed out of the lake.   It comes out here...

Wow, look at that fast-running current!   It can be dangerous too right here at the opening.

This is called the Outflow.   It is the water that flows-out from the dam.
Right past that danger sign, the water continues on its path.   It's on a journey fur sure!
This outflow of water runs for about 1.75 miles on through my territory. 
My Wordless Wednesday post was me and my peeps in my new canoe halfway down this outflow.  It's a little slower moving here and safe for canoodling and some swimming.  But it is still moving!

My canoe trip in the outflow.

The water continues from the outflow and runs right into a River!    Yes, I even have a river right here in my territory.    This is where the outflow joins the Allegheny River.
The red arrows are the Outflow coming down to meet the yellow arrows which show the Allegheny River.

And the river flows right past the ginormous hill where I live.   This is what it looks like from the end of my road.

WHAT A VIEW!    Isn't that beautiful?   
We get to see this every time we leave our hill or return to our hill.

Here it is in the heavy morning fog.   The Allegheny River is right down there continuing to move water on until it joins with the Monongahela River and forms the Ohio River in downtown Pittsburgh.   That's about 150 miles away from here though.

So, that's the whole story of the water in my territory.   Creek flows into lake, lake ends at the dam, dam lets water through and becomes the outflow, outflow runs into the river.   Cool huh?!?  And it's all very fun for boating, fishing, swimming and stick fetching.  BOL  I'm such a lucky water hound.

Do you have water in your territory?
Grr and a Soggy Woof,
Sarge, Water Dog

July 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday...Water Hound

Grr and a Wet Woof,
Sarge, Water Hound

July 22, 2013

Crabby Monday...BOS Gardens

Hello, Darlings.    Beachnut, Oceana & Shelldon here sending you warm wishes for a fabulous Crabby Monday.    Our thanks to all of you who participated or supported our famously trendy Twister Tournament for our beloved Benny.   Dearest Benny we hope this lifted your spirits and boosted your account.   It was certainly a beachful of fun!   Teeheehee.

Well, after our long and gorgeous leggies recovered from the twisting POL, we got busy on our next big adventure.

Welcome to the exclusive grand opening of 
Blogville's latest point-of-interest:

Friends, please feel free to take a leisurely stroll through
B.O.S. Gardens.

We have designed lovely walking paths in feminine pink 
to guide you along the beautiful blossoms.

Shelldon and Oceana here relaxing along the walking paths.

All of the exhibits are in spectacular color today for your visit.

Shelldon will escort you along the friendliest flower bed.

Beachnut is seen here meandering along and enjoying the clawsome view.

As you depart from B.O.S. Gardens, friends, 
please feel free to pick a glorious flower or two to brighten your own world.   
We promise to grow plenty more.
And plan to visit again any time you wish to stop and smell the roses.
Ciao, Darlings.

Little Pinches,
Beachnut, Oceana, Shelldon