September 17, 2018

Crabby Monday...Shell Yoga

BEACHNUT:  "Goodness, Shelldon Darling, what ever are you doing in there?!?" 

SHELLDON:  "I'm practicing my shell yoga.  This is the upward-gazing-glamour-girl move."  Teeheehee.  

BEACHNUT:  "What a spectacular position!   You are most perfectly balanced on your pretty white shell-butt, and your long and lovely leggies are in great form."    (Oh, I hope she doesn't tip over backwards. POL)

SHELLDON:   "Say, the ceiling in our cocohut could use some cleaning."

Hello, Blogville Darlings.   What moves are you up to today?

Little Pinches,
Beachnut and Shelldon

September 15, 2018

Secret Saturday #2

Hi Furiends!

It's time for another of my secrets.   See, my peeps have no idea what my life was like before they met me, and I'm not telling.  BOL

Secret #2:    Why was I a stray?

This is a ginormous question.   My peeps don't understand this at all.   I do...but I'm not barking about it.  

So, I was found wandering the streets.   They think I had been loose for about 2 weeks, give or take.  This was right around last Christmas.   Once my peeps adopted me, they discovered that at some point I had been very well cared for and loved.   Here's why.  The vets all say I'm a pure bred Silky Terrier, so at some point I was probably expensive to buy.  I had gotten a bobble-ectomy, tail dock and dewclaws removed.  I had also been well trained.  I was house broken, polite, respectful of the dinner table and going in/out of doors.  I knew how to ride in a car and walk on a leash.  And I already knew all about being groomed and I take that like a champ.  I like to lay on the couch and in bed, but I'm very respectful about it.   I'm great with people, kids, other pets, so I'm well socialized. 

WOW!   I'm a very, very good boy!   BOL    Seriously, someone in my past treated me well and met all of my needs.    So, back to the secret...if someone cared this much for me, why was I wandering alone in the streets.  My microchip hadn't been registered and the shelter that took me in tried all around the area to find my owners.   No luck.   Then my peeps adopted me!   Life is good now.  

Did my prior owner(s) pass away?    Did I run away from home?   If so, why didn't they come find me at the shelter?  Was I bad (not a chance!)?   

My peeps think that maybe my prior owners were visiting this area during hunting season which is near the holidays.  I'm terrified of loud noises, so they think maybe a gunshot made me run away.  If they were visiting here from far away, maybe they couldn't stay here to keep looking for me.  Who knows?     This is a good theory, but I'm not telling.  BOL

Who could possible let me go...look at this face!  

What do you think, my furiends?     Why was I a stray?


BTW:   Sending lots of love and stay-safe-wishes to our furiends who are dealing with Hurricane Florence.   Please take care!

September 12, 2018

September 10, 2018

Crabby Monday HELLO

Hello, Blogville Darlings!
Goodness, we have been out of the limelight for far too long.   We were nearly considering giving The Hands such a pinch, when they wisely decided to bring us back to Blogville.   POL

We ladies were so very devastated to lose our beloved Sarge back in February.  We miss him terribly and went into a proper state of mourning after his passing.

We stayed buried while we healed our hearts.
I, Beachnut took the corner with two windows.
I, Shelldon took a nearby spot with one window.

Finally, we felt it best to carry on and Sarge would have whispered to us that we shouldn't miss out on life.  He wouldn't want that.   So, we re-joined the world.

Hello, world! 

We are so super excited to have found our spectacular Scooter in our house when we came back top-side!  Oh, he's a very dapper dog and we adore him completely.  He seems properly impressed and fascinated by us!  Tee hee hee.   Why not...we're worthy of fascination!  POL  

Anyway, here we are, back in Blogville and clacking our claws with glee to see all of you again. 

What have you all been up to!\?    We want all of the details and gossip. 

Little Pinches,
Beachnut and Shelldon
Your Crabby Girls

September 08, 2018

Secret Saturday #1

Hi Pals!

So, I barked the other day that my peeps adopted me from a really nice shelter in NW Pennsylvania.  Well, that has caused them some questions and a lot of mysteries about me.  BOL  

I had been wandering the streets of that county for a couple of weeks, they think, before I went to the shelter.  Butt, no one knows what my life was like before that.    No one, except me!   So, I have some secrets.   I thought I'd post about them and see what all of you think. 

Secret #1:    Where am I really from?

Did my story start in that county in NW Pennsylvania?   Maybe.   Maybe not.

The shelter folks checked me right away and found I have a microchip.   Okay, that's a clue.  Maybe.  Butt, the chip had never been registered.   Who knows why not.    Hmmmm.   My peeps called the chip company and found out that it had been purchased in a big group of chips by a pet store chain in Missouri, clear back in 2008.   Now, I'm no where that old.  BOL    And NW Pennsylvania is no where near Missouri. 

This is my first secret.   Where am I really from?   I'm not telling and it's driving my peeps crazy. 

Your thoughts?!?


September 03, 2018

Hello New Furiends

Hi Everyone!
My name is Scooter and I'm the new pup on the block.  BOL   I'm living in Sarge's house and am so excited to meet everyone. 

My peeps still miss Sarge a lot, but I'm doing my best to keep them happy...and it seems to be working.

Wanna hear my story?   Okay!
After Sarge passed away suddenly back in February, my peeps were so sad.  Then they decided they needed a new furiend to share their lives.  They hunted all over the area and finally found me.  I had been running the streets in a nearby county and ended up in a very nice shelter where they helped me get ready for a new home.  When I saw my peeps come in for a visit, I jumped right up onto the couch with them and we were instantly hooked!  BOL   A quick adoption, and here I am living a great life. There's a little more to my story, but I'll save that for another post.   For now, I'm glad to be joining Blogville.

The crabby girls are here and doing well.  Those ladies fascinate me!  They say "Hello, Darlings" and will be posting soon.

Meanwhile, here is another photo of me.
I may be a wee Silky Terrier, but I love going in the canoe out on a nice lake!

Boy, that's a quick introduction, but enough for now.  I hope we'll all get to know each other better and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you.

So long for now!

February 21, 2018

We Lost Our Sarge

Hello, Blogville Furiends.
We're so saddened with heavy hearts to announce that our Sarge has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

He passed quietly in his sleep, and we are stunned.  We had no indication that he was having any health problems.  He was just a few weeks shy of 12 years old.  

He had a ginormous personality.   Full of quirks and fun and love.   He had his issues, but was the light of our lives.   We are heartbroken and shocked.   

Thank you all so much for sharing your lives with Sarge and joining him here for all of his antics.  Here are a few photos of our favorite memories.

Much love to all.
Sarge's Staff