September 27, 2010


Hey everyone!

Sometimes Mom and Dad are soooo good to me.  I'm a pretty good boy most of the time (ahem), so I get treats and chin scritches and trips in the car or truck.  The other day, I got to choose a goody.

Now, I gotta tell you that my beloved Cow is my bestest toy ever.  I've had him a long time and he's my favorite.   Now all of a sudden there's this other Cow thing for me to choose from.  I just don't know beloved toy or this other Cow thingy that smells yummy!  Oh, the indecision!

Eenie, meenie, minie, moe...

I'm really looking and thinking hard...gonna need a nap after this! probably saw that coming.  He's my bestest, most favoritist beloved Cow toy.

Happy Monday,
Grr and Woof,

September 22, 2010

Tongue Twister Contest

Hey everyone!

Here it is... my weird ink-blot tongue.  I don't know why, but Mom always says I look like I licked a Roar-Shack test.  I don't get that, but I admit it's pretty blotchy.  Anyway, my treats always taste just fine spots or no spots...

Okay, everyone giggle!

Grr and Woof,

Wordless Wednesday - Ugly Bugly on my Deck

September 18, 2010

Snicker Saturday

Hey everyone!

Well, here's a snicker and laugh on my Dad.  This is a chuckle sent from me to all of the expense of my Dad.
The story goes like this:

On Wednesday morning, my Mom left herself a note on the table (forgetful in her old age, lol) that said:
Sarge  -   Wordless Wednesday

Now, she knew exactly what that meant.  It was a reminder (ahem) to check out my first-ever wordless Wednesday post that night at the library. 
Here's the funny part.  When she got home Wednesday from work, Dad says to her "Hey, do you need to give Sarge a pill tonight?".    Boy, did that cause a funny look and I assure you it got my attention!  She told him no, and asked why he thought that.   He it comes....   "Well, I saw that note you left that said Sarge - Wormless Wednesday and I thought he needed a heartworm pill."    


Maybe you had to be there.
Mom and I thought it was hysterical. 
Grr and Woof,

September 17, 2010

Freaky Friday

Hey everyone!

Okay...  Has this ever happened to any of you out there in Doggie Bloggie Land???  Wait till you hear this! 

I was sitting on my rug in the living room minding my own doggie business, when all of a sudden Mom grabs my favorite unstuffie toy and hauls it off to the bathroom.  Now I gotta tell you, I love my skunkie.  It was a Best Dog pressie from Cousin Frankie and it used to be a stuffie, but I like 'em better as unstuffies so I fixed that right away.  Now my skunkie unstuffie is one of my favorites.  So, back to the horror of this freaky Friday event.  Mom says something about my skunkie being disgusting!  Imagine the nerve.  Now I will admit it is well used (ahem)...but I don't believe it was disgusting.    Anyway, off she goes with my skunkie unstuffie.  I follow her in and she (gulp) fills the sink with soapy water and...well, just look at what happened next:

I think she must have been digging in her flowers before she did this.  Look at the water!  My skunkie unstuffie is black and white, but this water is muddy brown.  She should have washed her hands before she got them in the water with my toy.  Anyway, then look what happened:

I thought only panty hose went up there, but I'm on duty in the tub trying to rescue my skunkie.

Oh, the horror.    Now next came a trip to the basement and into the clothes dryer!  I couldn't believe it!  I didn't get a pix of that...I couldn't watch!

Now, in the end I was able to rescue my skunkie unstuffie.  So life's okay now.

But, what I want to know from my new friends is this:  HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU???

Grr and Woof,

September 16, 2010

Be Like Mango Contest, 2nd try

Hey Everyone!   I'm gonna try the Be Like Mango Contest entry again.  (ROOKIE! lol)  This time I'm gonna add pictures to enhance my Mango-like self.   Here goes:
I am like Mango in at least 2 ways. 

First, I am a most athletic canine.  I love to run, jump, twist in the air, and swim...all as hard and fast as I can go.  Here's a pix of my leaping self in action:

And in this one I have done a mid-air catch of my beloved cow toy.  Pretty good huh!?!

Now the 2nd way I am like the Relentlessly Huge is that I am a "huge" help to my Dad around the house.  See the pix below as I pre-soak the dining room windows so that Dad can then wash them easier.  I'm always careful to leave lots of snot-smears on them so they are ready for his final touch.  Check this out:

Pre-soak... via tongue and nose...

Polish...via Dad's rag.

And here I am making sure Dad is never bored, by taking his board away just before he goes to reach for it.  What a good boy I am!  Isn't Dad lucky to have such good help?

Well, that's a peek at my Mango-like self.  My "huge" thanks to Mango for letting me try this a second time!

Grr and Woof,

September 11, 2010


Wow, three posts in one day!   I'm getting the hang of this...more practice, more practice, more practice...

I just saw that the Relentlessly Huge is having a Be Like Mango contest.   Here's my entry:  

I am like Mango in at least 2 ways.  He likes to go in the car, and I love to chase cars from a moving car!  (See previous post).  That's gotta be worth something in the creativity category.   Also, I like to be handy around the house too, especially if it involves dragging big, long boards around the basement so Dad can chase me.  He loves this, I'm positive. (See previous post).   I'm not huge, but I have a huge heart!
Thanks for the fun contest, Mango.

Grr and Woof,

Sarge on Saturday

Hello to all doggie bloggies!   I'm back home now in Tionesta and have properly re-guarded my territory.  When I leave, all the criters try to take over!  Tons of munk mocks, porkies with quills, turkeys and all their feathers, bears and who knows who else has been walking all over my turf!  GRRRR   Bad critters, bad critters.   Anyway, back under control and under patrol now.

Hey!  I got my first ever award!   Thanks a ton to Sprinkles for this and I will always remember it most cause it was first.   I am supposed to tell 7 unusual things about me...Mom & Dad that should be really easy cause I'm mostly unusual.  The Versatile Blogger Award.  Here goes:
7.  I have a broken tail from when I was just a weeee pup.  I was like that when I was adopted from the shelter.  You can't always see it cause my tail curls over a little, but you can definitely feel it.  It's better now, but when I was younger I was embarassed and didn't like to talk about it.
6. Mom says I have an ink blot tongue cause its pink with black splotches.  Trust me, it's weird, but cute.  She says I licked a Roarshack test or something like that...I don't really get that, but she giggles when she says it.
5.  I love to lay on my back, all in a twist with one end one way and the other the other way, my legs all sprawled out and my teeth showing.  This is totally for entertainment value.  :)
4.  I love sticks, all kinds of sticks, but the bigger the better.  I chase them in my yard and love them in my swimmy creek...but they gotta be huge like a tree trunk for me to really have fun.  When I help my Dad work on his projects, I love to steal a 2x4 and run around with it to give Dad exercise.  This is good for him.  Don't want him to get "board".   har har
3.  I like to grab my Papaw's pants legs and shake them.  Frankie doesn't think this is at all funny, but I sure do.  This is a true sign of affection and fun.
2.  I love to lick my Dad's pillow when he isn't looking.  I wait till he is busy and not paying any attention to me (just wrong) and then I sneak into his bedroom and slurp all over his pillow.  Then he says all sorts of colorful things (ahem) and says it's all sticky.  Great fun!  Trust me, Mom loves this!!
1.  I LIKE TO CHASE CARS FROM INSIDE A MOVING CAR!!!   I bet no one else does this.  I sit in the back and watch for them to come the other way....then as they go racing by I pounce against the window and bark and grrrrr at them!  Wow, it's just the best fun ever and definitely the safest way to chase them.  Can't get run over!   I love to go for rides so I can do this.  

Well, that's it.  My #1 unusual thing.   Hope everyone got a chuckle from this.  Thanks again to everyone for welcoming me to blogland.    I am also supposed to pass this Versatile Blogger Award on to 15 others.  I don't know a ton of bloggies yet, but I'll list a few friends:  Frankie Furter, Mango, Dexter, Puddles, Wyatt, The Road Dogs, of course my bestest girl Zona, oh help I can't remember everyone, Pip, The Booker Man, Morgan, The Splorin Wolfies, I bet I'm not doing this quite right...definitely forgetting lots of friends, Sugar, Lorenza, and my cousins-in-law Ruby and Penny.
I promise I'll keep practicing and trying to get these things down pat, but in the's a ton of fun and I hope everyone hangs in there with me!   That's it for now...maybe I'll try some more experiments.  Thanks again to Frankie and Mamaw for setting me up with this!
Grr and Woof,