December 25, 2010

Snicker Saturday - Christmas Edition

Hey everyone!   Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of my bestest doggie bloggie furiends!  I love all of you!   Here is your holiday har har.  It could almost be a Silent (night) Saturday, because for this one the pix speak for themselves.  I do my best to help around the house, but alas, no thumbs.  Here are my attempts to help my peeps this holiday.  Enjoy the chuckle:



Hey, what are you all yelling about?

That's it...I'm outa here...

Grr and a Festive Woof,
Sarge, COP

December 19, 2010

Sarge COP

Hey everyone!    Did you all hear that Mayor Frankie has been filling cabinet posts and other positions of impawtance here in doggie bloggie land??   It's a lot of fun.   I have been honored by the request for me to serve as Blogville's Chief of Police!   Can you believe it???   My first real K9 cop job, right here in bloggie land...our very own home town!   I'm soooo excited I can't stop waggin' and wigglin'.   I'll serve with honor and distinction and pawmise to wipe out all crime and deal with disturbances from criminal critters whenever possible.  Just let me know if there is any work to be done and I'm on it!

Here's my dad back when he was a really big Sarge, directing traffic.  I've been studying!
This isn't my real uniform, but I'm practicing shore patrol here from Frankie's boat.
Some other time I'll sport my bestest cop dog K9 bandana in a post for everyone to see.  It's way cool and best for me whenever I'm on duty.

Anyway, I'm honored to be your Chief of Police (COP).

Grr and a Dedicated Woof,
Sarge, COP

December 18, 2010

Snicker Saturday - The Fake Out

Hey everyone!  Happy Snicker Saturday!    Well, this snick is on me...again...sort of.   I gotta say in my defense that it took Mom and Dad about a year to figure this out, but when they sit at their table to eat, they get a front row seat to all the critters that like to invade my territory.  They can see out the window onto my deck where the birdies, squirrels, racoons, flying squirrels, etc all come to eat seeds.  This, of course, drives my K9 cop self absolutely bonkers!  Invaders!!  So, every time they would get to Ohh-ing and Awe-ing about some other critter on my deck, I'd run to the window with my best Grrr, Woof, Leap, Jump and fit-throw to chase them all away.  The snicker on my peeps is that they seemed to think I had some super K9 senses to hear or smell these invaders...then one day...much, much later, they finally caught on that I just watched them.  Whenever they get excited and point out the window, I knew it was my cue to charge!  BOL BWAR  Now, I do have super K9 senses, but not that good.  Well, that was the last of my fun at their expense, because now that they are onto me...they take horrible advantage of my cop-dog self.  Now they just periodically point and act excited so I will run to the door...alas for no reason at all.  Then they just snicker at my forlorn self.  I just can't help it...I get had over and over, but  can't resist the bait just in case there might really be another invader!    [THIS IS THE POINT IN THIS POST WHERE ALL OF YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO SNICKER AT MY EXPENSE..GO AHEAD, IT'S OKAY.]  Anyway, that's a long story, but you sorta get  double snicker this way.  My peeps were really slow to catch on, and now I get the frequent fake-out.  Oh well, our entertainment value remains high.  Enjoy your snicker and here are some pix of the action:

Here's the view from the table in the kitchen.

I did my job and ran to the door...alas, nothing there.  Teeheees from my peeps.

I'll always charge...sometimes there are invaders in need of a scolding!!

Happy Snicker Saturday,
Grr and Woof,
Sarge,  COP  (Chief Of Police)

December 17, 2010

Friday Fun - My Stick

Hey everyone!   Happy Friday!

Wow, we've gotten a ton of fluffy, white, fabulous SNOW!!!
      *  *      *    * *    *
    *  *      *   *       *
       *    *           **           (Sad attempt at a snow graphic!)
    *     *       **   * 

I love it!!!    It's the softest way for me to make huuuuuge leaps for my favorite stick.   After Mom and Dad clean their driveway (yuck), I always get some serious stick time.   Here are the pix:

WOW!  What fun!!                

More, more, more, more, more!                

Ooops!   This is a different kind of stick....I don't think I was supposed to grab this one, but what the heck, it's the Christmas season!!  Santa will understand....I hope!

Grr and Woof,

December 11, 2010

Snicker Saturday - My Favoritest Teehee

Hey everyone!   Happy Snicker Saturday.
Well, most of my friends have heard me talk about my most favoritest thing to do to Dad.  Yes, that's right, it's my daily ritual of sneaking into the bedroom when he isn't looking....then wallowing over and slurping up his pillow.  This is the very best!!  I drool and lick until his pillow is absolutely dripping and soaked.  I tell you, there's nothing else I like better.  He claims to hate this, but I know he secretly loves it.  Mom definitely enjoys I continue this mission.  Shhhhh, don't tell, but sometimes Mom even helps me sneak into the room!  BOL HAR BWAR HAR   Sometimes I even have to sneak around Dad a bunch before I get my chance.  If nothing else, I'll wait until he is, um, occupied (ahem) in the bathroom...then make a break for it!  Anyway, here are pix that Mom took of this bestest snicker in action:

Leaping into Action!  Feet off the floor!

Pulling back those covers!  Grrr!         

Wallow and slurp!!!             

Ahhhh!   This is the best ever!!

Mission accomplished.   BOL BOL BWAR HAR BOL HAR TEEHEE!
Dad will be soooooo happy that I did this for him.  :)

What have you done today to give your peeps a chuckle??
Grr and an Amused Woof,

December 10, 2010

Bestest Scritches

Hey everyone!   Happy Friday!

I bet all of us have the bestest people-peeps in the world.  I know Mom and Dad are the greatest.  They take pretty darn good care of me.  Obviously, I could always use more walks, stick throws, treats and etc.  Hey, can't we all??  But, overall I give them an A+ for doggie care.     Here's a sample of Mom's bestest scritching.  I'm pretty fond of chin scritches, but these ear scritches of hers are a close second...

First, she gives my ears the double thumb rubbies...

Then, the flap scritches...  Man o man is this the bestest. 
I guess you can probably tell how much I'm lovin' this.

See how grateful I look?!?!   More please...

I bet some of you in doggie bloggie land have your favorite scritches too.  Our peeps are the best.

Grr and a Contented Woof,

December 04, 2010

Snicker Saturday - Jokes on Everyone

Hey everyone!    Well, it's Snicker Saturday time again.  I just love telling ha ha's on Mom and Dad and myself...or even a good joke.   Here's today's installment of your Saturday chuckle.

Scroll on down now...


Grr and Woof,

November 29, 2010

The Frankie Prankie continued

Hey everyone!

Well, I'm continuing my Frankie Secret Snicker!   He still is totally oblivious to the fact that I've sworn to protect his buddies, Charcoal and Charcoal.  BOL  He is soooo concerned that I might pull a bunny bash.   Between his frantic worrying and my hogging of the puter, he hasn't even noticed these posts about our shared secret. Shhhh

Not only am I restraining my killer instincts, I'm even (gulp) feeding his beloved bunnies now.  See?
Isn't this being good to the bunnies???  I'm being so good.  Aren't you proud of me??

Hey Frankie: 

Grr and a Tickled Woof,

November 28, 2010

Snicker To Be Continued

Hey everyone!
Well, Frankie has gotten totally paranoid!   My little snicker from yesterday is working...thanks for all of your help.  I ran around the yard barking and giving my best Sarge-On-Duty GRRRRRs, then I came in and told him that those bunnies sure are fast.  He's convinced I'm gonna catch 'em, but we all know the truth.

I did get close enough to flashy this pix of Charcoal...or maybe it's Charcoal.  Either way, I'm having some fun yanking Frankie's walking string. 

Grr and an Entertained Woof,

November 27, 2010

Snicker Saturday - Shhhhhhhh

Hey Everyone!

It's Snicker Saturday time!   Here's one on my furry little cousin Frankie!! 
You have probably all caught on that I'm here visiting Frankie at his know the one with all of the:
 I love 'em, even if he doesn't!
So, since I'm here, I fess up to hoggin his puter.  I try soooo hard to remind myself that this isn't my territory, but it's really, really, really hard to do.  This is his stuffs, but I can't help guarding, controlling, etc.  Cop dog on duty. 

So here's the snicker part!   Frankie has his favorite bunny friends, Charcoal and Charcoal (ahem). And everyone knows I normally make it a firm policy to always bash any critters/criminal element that invade my space.   Cousin Frankie is all worried and bothered that I'm gonna massacre his buddies.  We can share a chuckle on this one...I've secretly promised Mom and Mamaw that I won't pull a bunny bash.  No killing any critters here in Frankie's territory!   WE KNOW IT, BUT THE FURTER MAN DOESN'T!  
BWAR HAR BOL TEEE HEEE    Let's let him worry, okay??     All of you can join the chuckle and I'll keep running around his yard and looking like I'm on patrol....and he'll keep worrying....and you can keep snickering!     Shhhhhhhhh   Joke's on the little guy!

Well, I'm not always totally rotten to Frankie...mostly I am...I can't help my territorial, dominating self.  Anyway, it's the holidays, so here are the goodies that I gifted to Cousin Frankie:
 New Unstuffies!

He's pretty happy with 'em.   Mostly, I chase Frankie, shove him around a little, give him lots of big Grrrrrrs, but I do really like the little guy and occassionally try to be good to him.

We still get the chuckle though!  Hey, it's a Charcoal Chuckle!  (sometimes I crack myself up!)  BOL

Grr and Woof,

November 26, 2010

Adoption Story & Presents for Parents

Hey everyone!     I hope you all had a happy Turkey day.   It's time for us to share our Adoption Stories!

I am canine candidate Sergeant (aka Sarge) and this is my report (aka Adoption Story).

  Current Residence: In a rural area of northwestern Pennsylvania in the wilderness. One story, wood house with outdoor, raised observation deck and secured perimeter.
  Description: Mother of mixed racial background. Father unknown, but certainly German Shepherd, the best of all police dogs. I have Shepherd features, but a smaller size, and a yellow Labrador coat. I have the Shepherd loyalty and fierce nature, and the Labrador smarts, affection and humor. I am in peak physical condition.
  Distinguishing Characteristics: Broken tail from an accident in my youth. Tongue spotted pink and black.
  History: Born in March, 2006 to a single mother in a public housing facility. My family had nothing. Adopted May, 2006 by my Alpha and Beta Handlers, having been picked from a wide field of other candidates, then moved to current address.

Summary: I was lucky to be adopted by my handlers. I am deeply bonded to them. The Alpha Handler is now “Dad” and the Beta is “Mom”. How lucky that Dad was a cop! I have learned from him. This along with my Shepherd heritage and brains make me a strong candidate for patrol duty. When I was adopted, Dad and Mom were crying for a former companion K9 and I was crying for escape from my home conditions. I helped them feel better and they helped me feel better. We bonded.

I continue to learn from Dad and television about my work. I will rise above my humble birth and be a real Sergeant. Conditioning is a priority. I run laps and do my own agility programs. I train daily. Local wildlife provides stalking, sprinting, and attacking practice. By protecting my handlers and my territory from trespassers and thieves, I keep my wits and skills sharp. My teeth are sharp too!  BOL

With other humans and animals I remain guarded.   I'm happy to see Mamaw and Papaw Pantslegs (Frankie's Mom & Dad), but I don't share well with anyone except my bestest girl Zona.  I can be kind, but I am naturally suspicious. Crime and danger are everywhere and I must be ready.  I am smaller than most K9 units, so I use bluff and gruff to compensate.  I love a challenge. I am quick to judge and dominate. I project an air of confidence and authority.
I also have love for Mom and Dad. I have a good sense of humor. They give to me and I give back to them. Mom and I enjoy our humor. I bring training tools to Mom and Dad mostly when it is funny. I stretch and lay about to make them laugh. I leap in the air and twist during agility training both to work and to amuse. To sharpen my senses, I once smelled and licked Dad’s pillow to imprint on his scent. This amused Mom and agitated Dad. I don’t understand why, but I now use this to strengthen my stalking skills. I sneak around dad and watch for opportunities to raid his pillow. This has become great exercise and fun. Sometimes I am a rascal so that Mom and Dad are challenged too.
Summary: I am sure footed, quick minded and intensely waiting. Someday I will be officially sworn to duty. Until then I will continue to train, protect, amuse, and wait.
Frankie had this great idea about everyone in doggie bloggie land making a list of what we want to give our moms and dads for Christmas this year.  Great one, Frankie!   Here’s my list.

For Dad:
  1 new pair of sneakers.   I just know that if he has more outdoorsy shoes, he will get to take me for more walkies and he can throw my beloved stick around my yard even more.  He’d be sooooo happy.
   87 new pillow cases.  Since I know that he really, really loves it when I sneak in and lick this pillow until it’s soggy, he would be very glad to have more pillow case thingies.  This way he can put a new, clean one on every day so that he gets fresh Sarge drool each day before he puts his head on the pillow.
For Mom:
  87 manicures.  Mom would be most happy to have better fingernails when she scritches my chin for me.  I think she misses not being able to scritch my ears, chest, neck and especially chin for hours on end because her nails must get tired or something.  That’s the only possible reason for the shortness and general lack of scritch time.   I can fix this for her so she will be happy.
  1 new couch.  I know that Mom would like to have Santa bring her a new couch this year so that she will get to see me be comfy and happy all curled up on it.

Pee S:   If you don't hear from Cousin Frankie much for a few days, it's because I'm here hoggin his puter all up.  He's busy having Thanksdeermas fun, but he's thinking of all of you and will be in touch as soon as he can.

November 25, 2010


Hey everyone!   Probably some of you have heard Frankie talk about our family "Thanksdeermas" celebration.  Well, since we live 87 hours apart, we combine Thanksgiving, deer hunting season, and Christmas into one huge family fun fest.  Thus the name Thanksdeermas.  And today is the big kickoff!  I thought you might get a Turkey day chuckle out of the official mascot to our big event, so here it is:

You will notice that this combines all of the required holiday elements.  It's a little hard to see, but the body is a squeaky roasted turkey doggy toy... that part is for me and Cousin Frankie.  The nose is like Rudolph and when you hit it on the table, it blinks and lights up!!  Sorry you can't all see that first paw, but you get the idea.  Fun huh???!!!???   Anyway, since most of you are celebrating the traditional Thanksgiving today, here's my bestest turkey for all of you to enjoy:
I can't really eat him, but I sure try!

Grr and Woof,
and Happy Turkey Day,

November 23, 2010

Kitchen Help

Hey everyone!
Well, we all know that the big feast turkey day is coming.  Mom has been baking to get ready for the Thanksdeermas holday at Frankie's house.  Here are some pix of my hard work...

First, Mom's hard work...

Then mine.    Great tongue action, and my spots love the batter!

Are they done yet?   Batter's good, but baked is good too!

I hope your family has a lot of yummy food this holiday!
Grr and a Drooling Woof,

November 21, 2010


Hey everyone!
Since I pulled a ha-ha on Dad Saturday by showing his hunting excuse mug, I thought I'd show the doggie bloggie world how much I try to be like Dad.  He's the greatest, so I try to follow his I can with no thumbs and no access to firearms (ahem).

Hey, Dad, I'm in camo too.  Let me go, I can bite 'em for you!

Okay, I'll guard the house while you're gone.

Isn't he back yet???

Grr and Woof,

November 19, 2010

Butt But Butt But

Hey Everyone.

So I was laying around my house the other day minding my own doggie business, when all of a sudden Mom starts grouching about the condition of her floor.  I swear this isn't my fault.  I heard her say to Dad, "I don't get why he isn't bald by now!".  I gotta tell you I found this very funny.  Here's what had her all in a tizzy...

Yup, that's my beloved Cow and my beloved butt fur.

Yup, that's my beloved Cow again, and my beloved butt fur, and my beloved butt.  All in one pix.  As you can plainly see, I have another little tuft all ready to add to the collection on the floor. 

I swear I can't help this.  I don't just falls out...usuallly from by butt and always in clumps and always on the floor.  Well, not always.  Sometimes it's on the couch and on their clothes.  I don't get what all the excitement is's my butt after all.  I'd sweep it up, but alas, no thumbs!  

Grr and a Hairy Woof,

November 13, 2010

Snicker Saturday - Splish Splash Ugh

Hey everyone.   How about a chuckle at my expense this time.   Here it is...
So I was outside in my yard guarding my territory the other day and having a great time minding my own doggie business when all ^#%!$*!$# broke loose.  Dad brought me back inside, I thought because he missed my warm, cute, cuddly self.  Well, that's when things went afoul.  Just take a look at what happened...  No laughing, well, okay go ahead and laugh...

Hi Dad...what's the bucket for??

Hey!  That's my foot!!   I just got that all nice and muddy just the way I like it!!  Hey!

You're swishing my that water!!  (*%&$*&%$*(@&

Yeah, well you wouldn't have to dry it if you hadn't shoved it into that bucket of water!   Ahem.
You may all chuckle now at my ordeal...and especially at the color of that muddy water!

Sometimes I do these things just to give Mom & Dad something to do for me.  Can't let them get bored!

Grr and a Well-Scrubbed Woof,