September 30, 2013

Crabby Monday...HowlOWeen

Hello, Darlings.   Oceana here today to discuss the biggest extravaganza of the Fall season.  It seems Blogville is planning a spectacular Howl O Ween bash and we crabby girls are planning to participate.   This will be my Howl O Ween debut and we are working on some stellar costumes and we are looking forward to being involved in all of the amazing activities.

This is what dear Shelldon and Beachnut wore last year...

My goodness they were so adorable!  We are preparing to make a huge splash this year with our latest costumes.

And, we didn't forget His Magesty, King Sarge from last year either!   Teeheehee.   Our Sarge is always the life of any party and we're sure he will have a wonderful outfit this year too.

So, Blogville Darlings, we crabby girls hope you plan to join the festivities!   Sarge is hosting the PUMPKIN CARVING event and he whispered to us that he will have a random prize drawing for one lucky carver.  POL   It will be a clawsome part of the Howl O Ween bash.   He is following that up with PUNKIN' CHUCKIN' and OMClawd will that ever be hysterical!   Teeheehee.   After carving your fabulous pumpkin, you'll have the opportunity to chuck it off a balcony, or fling it in a CatAPult, or mash it with a mallet...whatever you choose.  It will be SMASHING GOOD FUN!   Teeheehee.

See you all soon at the extravaganza!
Ciao and Little Pinches,
Oceana, Shelldon, Beachnut

September 28, 2013

Snicker Saturday...Warning Signs

Hey Everyone!
Wow, it's great to be back!   I had a fine blogging break...did some undercover work in the local doggy jail while my peeps went on a fabulous vacation with Frankie, Ernie, Mamaw and Papaw Pantslegs.  They all had a blast and I got some great work done.

Anyway, it's pawesome to catch up with all of you!    For today's Snicker Saturday, I was thinking about Warning Signs.   You see them everywhere, but what if we had them too?!?   Here's what I mean...





So, for your weekly dose of humor, what would your signs say?!?   If you'd like, feel free to post about this and tell us about them or let your own comments help you out!    Say, that's a good idea...furiends, feel free to comment ideas for more of my signs!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

September 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday...Just Little Ole Me

(I'm taking a week off, my furiends!   I'll miss you all and will see you very soon.)
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

September 16, 2013

Crabby Monday...Our Jungle Gym

Hello Darlings.    It's me, Oceana here to show all of you what The Hands have done for us.  They keep us very spoiled and treat us like queens...which, of course, we deserve!   Teeheehee

 Shelldon, dear, you are a fabulous crabby friend!   
 Come see what we have in the crabitat now!

OMClawd!   It's a Jungle Gym of our very own.
We do so enjoy climbing and exercising and exploring.
It's so important for a girl to keep herself fit and healthy.

Shelldon is a splendid climber!
The Hands built a glorious set of monkey bars for us.
It is all made from natural bark and sticks which is perfect for nature girls like us.

Oh, Shelldon, Darling you are perched like a queen of the hill...or post...or stick.
How ever did you manage that?!?   Clawsome balancing act.

Here she is making her way back down to the second level of the gym.

Oh, we do love this newest improvement to our crabitat!
We send our claw-clacking approval to The Hands for the spectacular job.  We crabby girls hope all of you, our Blogville Darlings, have a magnificent Monday and a fabulous week.

Ciao and Little Pinches,
Oceana, Shelldon, Beachnut


September 11, 2013

September 07, 2013

Sarge and Greta Part 2

Hey Everyone!
Wow, my date with lovely Greta is going amazingly well!   She's a wonderful lady and I'm having a great time with her.    In case you missed the first half of our date, please click back a few hours to part 1.   And, be sure to check out this morning's post with the crabby girls and their date, Coccolino.   OMC they had a fabulous adventure together.

Anyway, we left off the last post with Greta running the lights and sirens on my Chief of Police car as we zoomed around Blogville.   Well, here's where I took her next....

After going swimmie and relaxing in the sun, we were a little hungry!  BOL   We ended up at the local Ice Cream Shoppe for a snack.   OMD look at this window!   There must be creamy cool treats inside here.

Well, Greta is such a pawesome gal, she knew exactly what to get for us.  I let her do the honors and set us up with a sweet treat to satisfy our hunger.

Woohoooo!   Isn't she the bestest date ever?   Check out what she ordered.  A ginormous banana split for two and it came with a pair of spoons just for us.  Yeah, well our slurpers took care of that.  No spoons required.  We put our tongues to good use and had a lot of laughs licking up whipped cream and rolling cherries around the dish.  Oh, this is such fun!     Tasty too.  BOL

Now that our tummies are full, I have some more fun planned for our mid-afternoon adventure.  We're going on a Hayride!  We climbed aboard the wagon and these two beautiful horses escorted us around the fields.  What a pretty view.  We enjoyed all of the sights and sounds and smells of mother nature.  


 After the hayride, we strolled around the farm and insniffigated all of the fun things like barns and rain barrels and scarecrows.  The whole place was filled with wondrous and wild things.   We took such a nice long walk and spent a few hours stretching our legs, moseying along and checking out the farm.

All too soon the afternoon began to slip away and we knew that dusk was coming.   We went off to the edge of the woods for a nice, cozy Campfire!    I wanted to impress Greta, so I zoomed right into the woods and came back with a freshly killed squirrel for dinner!    Oh, it was perfect and she seemed impressed which made me wag like crazy.  

I whipped us up a delicious squirrel stew for dinner!   OMD nothing tastes better than fresh meat over an open fire.    I'm so very glad that Greta is the outdoorsy type and we can enjoy this together.

After awhile, we roasted a few hot dogs and some marshmallows over the fire and listened to the sounds of the forest at night.  We heard owls hooting and crickets chirping and watched the stars in the sky.  What an amazing evening!  

Oh, the day was so very perfect!   Lovely Greta was an amazing date and I gathered my courage and gave her a gentlemanly small slurp on the cheek.  She giggled and I wagged.  SUCCESS!  She had a great time too and I'm so very happy she enjoyed our day together.  Thank you, sweet Greta for one of the bestest days of my life.   You are wonderful!

Don't forget to check back to the earlier post for the first half of our date...and this morning to see what the crabby girls and Coccolino did for their big day together.    And, all around Blogville there are dates happening, so be sure to see all of our furiends.

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Happy Hound

Sarge and Greta Part 1

Hey Blogville!
Wow, the big day is finally here!    I'm ready to sweep Greta off her four feet with my charm and a day filled with fun and adventure.    Come along with us...

OMD, my gorgeous date is the bestest!   We met at the park for a picnic lunch in the great outdoors.  I gave her a very special bandana that matches my own so that we look like a perfect pair today.   Greta is an amazing cook.  Check out the spread she brought to our picnic.  Delish tater salad, yummy deli sandwiches filled with meat and cheese, deviled eggs and two ginormous bones for tandem chewing.  BOL    Wow, she knows how to treat a guy like a king.   Everything is so very tasty.

After eating Greta's wonderful picnic lunch, I scooped her up and we went for a ride in my canoe!   The creek is beautiful today and the weather is spot on.   Here we are sharing my boat in the gentle current.  She's such an adventurous gal!   

We boated for awhile and even checked out the local dock.   What a pretty scene and we are really enjoying nature this afternoon.  

So far we've seen ducks and geese, a bald eagle and lots of dragon flies!   The water is such a fun place to spend the afternoon in the sun and fresh air.

 Well, we couldn't stand it any more!   The water was so inviting.   The temperatures are perfect so in we went for a dip.   Greta is a pawesome swimmer!   She really works those leggies and we did some serious splashing and stick fetching.   Woooohooooo!    Look at her go!    Going swimmie is one of my favorite things and I'm thrilled that my gal Greta likes it too.   We're so lucky!

WHEW!    We're sorta tired after all of that marathon swimming and fetching.   That can really wear a pooch out.   I asked Greta to join me back on our picnic blanket in the nice warm sunshine.   This will give us a chance to dry off, warm up and rest a little.   Nothing like a nice nap in the sun with a beautiful girl!   

Once we had a nice snooze, we woke up feeling GREAT!    We agreed that we were ready for more adventure so I took Greta for a ride in my Chief of Police snazzy cop car.    OMD she was totally excited.   I let her run the lights and sirens and we zooooooommmmmmmed all around Blogville.     Since I'm not on duty today, it's okay.  BOL

Now, our big date is not over way!    There is more fun yet to come.    Check back in at 5pm and we'll show you the rest of our Date Day.

BTW:   In case you missed it, the crabby girls and their date, Coccolino had their post up earlier this morning.    Click back to see their big adventure.   TRUST ME, THEY HAD AN AMAZING DATE!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge & Greta

Crabby Girls and Coccolino

Hello, Darlings!   We crabby girls, Beachnut Oceana & Shelldon are fabulously agog to announce we are on a whirlwind date with our charming beau Coccolino.  He is marvelously exotic and we are totally charmed by him.

He has arranged for a wonderful start to our adventure by taking us to an Italian Bistro for lunch.  His peeps lived in Italy for many years and this is a very special atmosphere for him and we are really enjoying it too.  

Oh, the pizza pie is so very warm and gooey and delicious!  

These breadsticks were seasoned just right and we nibbled them with delight!
Our date certainly knows fine cuisine and we are so very impressed with his choices for us.

As you can see, we all enjoyed the flavors of Italy!   Teeheehee.   This was a great beginning to our day together. 

Next, Coccolino treated us to a wild and exciting afternoon!   He is originally from Texas and he wowed us by taking us to a real live Texas Rodeo!   OMClawed it was SO MUCH FUN.   Our dearest Coccolino was a fearsome westerner and we were most impressed with his brave rodeo activities.

Oh, such daring skill!   Very handsome and brave indeed.

He lead us right into the action!  Here a barrel racer zooms right around us.
We girls could count the whiskers on that horse's muzzle.  Teeheehee.

We had to take a moment for some clowning around!
Oh, we do like to entertain.
He was a real sport about this!  POL

We even got to take a ride ourselves.  What a magnificent steed!  GiddyUp.

We enjoyed watching the mini cowboys too!

The Rodeo was amazing and our handsome Coccolino was like an untamed western hero.  
We had a wonderful time enjoying the competition and especially the animals!

Now, it's our turn to show our darling Coccolino an adventure that is near and dear to our hearts.  We decided to take him to a LUAU!   Yes, it's time to hit the beach and celebrate island style.

The hula dancers and fire twirlers were in fine form as we gazed at their performances! 
Coccolino gave us hibiscus blossoms for our shells and
we gave him our most beautiful headdress to wear for the evening. 
The music and dancing was splendid!

 We dashed off into the surf in our traditional catamaran
and enjoyed the rocking of the waves and the tropic breeze in our faces. 
The weather was perfect for us and the ocean was mesmerizing.

After riding the waves, it was time for the luau buffet.  
Oh, the food was delicious.  Prepared to gourmet perfection.  
We feasted on baked mahi mahi in taro leaves, poi, lomi lomi salmon and haupia for dessert.
 We were served mai tai's with the freshest tropical flavors and little umbrellas too!  POL

After our dinner and drinks, we surprised our Coccolino with a live
performance!   We entertained him and the luau crowd with our
steel drum band SURF JAMMERS.   We played Sleepwalk just for our beau.

 We ended our date with a refreshing and romantic stroll along the beach.
The sand was wonderful and the tide was rolling.   We enjoyed every moment.
The sunset was glorious!
Coccolino was such a perfect gentleman.  He gave us each a sweet kiss on our shells
before ending our time together.

Oh, and did we crabby girls mention that at the start of our date, our whimsical beau, Coccolino took us for a thrilling ride on his amazing tail?!?   Oh, yes he did.   Oh, teeheehee he whipped us all around and it was a clawsome ride!    Wheeeeeeeeeeee!    He did tap into our wild sides. 

Coccolino, darling, you have made us incredibly happy today and we are clacking our pinchers like mad!    Thank you so very much for your gentlemanly behavior and sense of fun and whimsy.  We did have a magnificent time with you.  The taste of Italy was grand, the rodeo was the adventure of our lives and you made the luau a time to remember.  We hope you enjoyed your day with us too.

To all of our friends, please be sure to link to our darling, Coccolino here to see other photos of our date together and check out the other memories being made all around Blogville today.

Sarge will be posting about his lovely date with the gorgeous Greta at 1pm and 5pm today!

Ciao and Little Pinches,
Beachnut, Oceana, Shelldon and Coccolino