September 07, 2013

Crabby Girls and Coccolino

Hello, Darlings!   We crabby girls, Beachnut Oceana & Shelldon are fabulously agog to announce we are on a whirlwind date with our charming beau Coccolino.  He is marvelously exotic and we are totally charmed by him.

He has arranged for a wonderful start to our adventure by taking us to an Italian Bistro for lunch.  His peeps lived in Italy for many years and this is a very special atmosphere for him and we are really enjoying it too.  

Oh, the pizza pie is so very warm and gooey and delicious!  

These breadsticks were seasoned just right and we nibbled them with delight!
Our date certainly knows fine cuisine and we are so very impressed with his choices for us.

As you can see, we all enjoyed the flavors of Italy!   Teeheehee.   This was a great beginning to our day together. 

Next, Coccolino treated us to a wild and exciting afternoon!   He is originally from Texas and he wowed us by taking us to a real live Texas Rodeo!   OMClawed it was SO MUCH FUN.   Our dearest Coccolino was a fearsome westerner and we were most impressed with his brave rodeo activities.

Oh, such daring skill!   Very handsome and brave indeed.

He lead us right into the action!  Here a barrel racer zooms right around us.
We girls could count the whiskers on that horse's muzzle.  Teeheehee.

We had to take a moment for some clowning around!
Oh, we do like to entertain.
He was a real sport about this!  POL

We even got to take a ride ourselves.  What a magnificent steed!  GiddyUp.

We enjoyed watching the mini cowboys too!

The Rodeo was amazing and our handsome Coccolino was like an untamed western hero.  
We had a wonderful time enjoying the competition and especially the animals!

Now, it's our turn to show our darling Coccolino an adventure that is near and dear to our hearts.  We decided to take him to a LUAU!   Yes, it's time to hit the beach and celebrate island style.

The hula dancers and fire twirlers were in fine form as we gazed at their performances! 
Coccolino gave us hibiscus blossoms for our shells and
we gave him our most beautiful headdress to wear for the evening. 
The music and dancing was splendid!

 We dashed off into the surf in our traditional catamaran
and enjoyed the rocking of the waves and the tropic breeze in our faces. 
The weather was perfect for us and the ocean was mesmerizing.

After riding the waves, it was time for the luau buffet.  
Oh, the food was delicious.  Prepared to gourmet perfection.  
We feasted on baked mahi mahi in taro leaves, poi, lomi lomi salmon and haupia for dessert.
 We were served mai tai's with the freshest tropical flavors and little umbrellas too!  POL

After our dinner and drinks, we surprised our Coccolino with a live
performance!   We entertained him and the luau crowd with our
steel drum band SURF JAMMERS.   We played Sleepwalk just for our beau.

 We ended our date with a refreshing and romantic stroll along the beach.
The sand was wonderful and the tide was rolling.   We enjoyed every moment.
The sunset was glorious!
Coccolino was such a perfect gentleman.  He gave us each a sweet kiss on our shells
before ending our time together.

Oh, and did we crabby girls mention that at the start of our date, our whimsical beau, Coccolino took us for a thrilling ride on his amazing tail?!?   Oh, yes he did.   Oh, teeheehee he whipped us all around and it was a clawsome ride!    Wheeeeeeeeeeee!    He did tap into our wild sides. 

Coccolino, darling, you have made us incredibly happy today and we are clacking our pinchers like mad!    Thank you so very much for your gentlemanly behavior and sense of fun and whimsy.  We did have a magnificent time with you.  The taste of Italy was grand, the rodeo was the adventure of our lives and you made the luau a time to remember.  We hope you enjoyed your day with us too.

To all of our friends, please be sure to link to our darling, Coccolino here to see other photos of our date together and check out the other memories being made all around Blogville today.

Sarge will be posting about his lovely date with the gorgeous Greta at 1pm and 5pm today!

Ciao and Little Pinches,
Beachnut, Oceana, Shelldon and Coccolino


Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

Crabby girls, your date looks like a huge success. We are hoping that Socks' date will be equally successful. He popped the BIG question.

Little Miss Titch said...

sounds like you had a great date with my pal Cocco,xx Speedy

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Wow, that must have been an incredible date.

GOOSE said...

WOWZERS a rodeo, the beach, clowns, fine food and a walk. Now that is a super date indeed.

Matilda the Boxer said...

Wow, what a fangtastic time! You sure know how to have fun.

Anonymous said...

What a date! Even with a Rodeo! Woohoo! Wow, Cocco you must be exhausted after all this adventures and a date with 3 supercute girls!
Thanks Sarge for a wonderful idea!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

HOLD THE PRESSES..!! this IS fur SURE some Front page excitement!

WOW you all went to a REAL RODEO and then to a LUAU???? OMD OMP OMC you have it all here. We are just stunned by the FUN and the Fine time that you all had. WOW !!

Ranger said...

Jammin on the steal drums. Excellent. Love the cowboys/girls hat. He-hay!

Katie said...

Girls, I'm so pleased to hear you had fun with me despite my growling appetite always getting in the way! You were such fantastic dates. I cannot wait to do it again sweet crabby girlfriends :-)

Ruby and Penny said...

Wow! What a date! Wish we could climb breadsticks. They looked delish.

Love Ruby & Penny

Anonymous said...

Yow Crabby Gurlz ya are bery cute n we enjoyed da bloggie frum Coccolina n yerz too!!! Far out date!!!! Mousiez ya are amazin to date a piggie!!!
Nylablue n Sherriellen xo

Ziggy Stardust said...

Ladies, what an exciting date you all had. You were so brave to hang on to Coccolina's tail like that. I would have been scared. I bet you are all super tired and will need some rest after all that.

Loveys Sasha

Idaho PugRanch said...

OMY Crabby Girls, what a date with the handsome Coccolino!! giving them a swing on your tail! WOW
Bailey, Hazel & Greta

Murphy said...

Wow, we never knew you were rodeo girls!

Your Pals,

Murphy and Stanley

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

We loved all the places you and Cocco went. I liked the hats at the rodeo the best.

Dougall-the-Scottie said...

Wowie! Such great fun!

Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

OMD...That was a really wild and wonderful date!


sprinkles said...

What a fun date!

Sagira said...

Now you guys know how to have some FUN!

Daisy and Cress said...

Looks like a great day!