November 27, 2011

Give Us The Bird...Winner

Hey Everyone!
Wow, you have all been very patient while awaiting the big drawing!
No, no, no!  Not that kind of drawing...

THIS kind of drawing!

So, here we go!  I had a grand total of 35 dogs who pawticipated.  WOW!  I never expected this to be so huge and find so many of you willing to join in.  This was such a fun surprise for me.  So, everyone's name went on a slip:

I asked Mamaw to be the honorary chooser for the big moment. 
(NOTE: Frankie pawticipated, but for obvious reasons, he is not entered to win.)
Drumroll please......


Wow!  Congrats to the big winners the Slimmer Pugs!   
You get your choice.  You can either select a collar from Claras Collars

or a $20 yummer pack selected especially for you.
Please let me know which you would like and your wish is my command!

Thanks again to all of my Blogville Furiends for making this event so fun.  You are the bestest!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

November 26, 2011

Snicker Saturday...Birdie Followup

Hey Everyone!
Wow, I can't believe how many of you pawticipated in my Give Us The Bird event!   Thanks for being such pawesome furiends and for creating such fun posts.  I had a blast with this.  Don't forget to return tomorrow for the big drawing.


It's Snicker Saturday time!
I thought I should do a little wrap-up of Birdie week by having some laughs at our feathered furiends.

I'm including some birdie Far Side cartoons by Mr. Gary Larson.  This is the funniest cartoon series on the Far!  Get it?!?  ahem.

Look at these baby birdies all smashed into this nest.
I know I've shown this before, but it's too funny to skip.
They are so ugly, they're cute!  BOL

Check this out!  Some crazy birdie layed an egg on my Dad's truck. 
Right between the windshield wipers.  Teeeheeeheeee

Check out this BOL funny word verification thingy!
So, if I eat too much bird on Thanksgiving and have trouble breathing...
I need terkoxyh!!  BWAR HAR HAR

Well, here's a final Birdie Snicker.  This is our running family joke...TURKEY!
Mamaw started this years ago as a joke on the hunters who came home without turkey for the oven.  So, she bought one of these squeeky toy turkeys and left it for the menfolks.  BOL
It became a long running gag to see where a turkey would turn up.  Mom & Dad made this mobile and it always hangs when there's a family get-together.  Turkey has turned up in the fridge, under the toilet seat, strung across the parking spaces, inside bait buckets, pockets, boots, pillowcases, etc, etc, etc.  Well, maybe you have to be here to appreciate it, but trust me it always gets a laugh.  Why not give the idea try with some unsuspecting peep in your pack!  BOL

I hope you had a wonderful week.  I definitely did.  The big drawing is happening tomorrow!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

November 25, 2011

Give Us The Bird...Day Five...Bobwhites and Big Birds

Hey To All My Blogville Furiends!
Wow, the finale is here already!  This is the last day of Give Us The Bird.  I hope you've had fun.  I sure have.  Don't forget the big drawing will be on Sunday the 27th.  Everyone who posted some sort of bird during this week, and commented so I knew it happened...will be included in the drawing.  The winner has his/her choice of a collar from Clara's Collars or a $20 valued foodable package.  Pawesome huh?!?


So, here' s my last big birdie post.  I saved this one because it's so much fun.  Several years ago when my peeps first moved to my house, the territory belonged to a covey of Bobwhites.  They were amazingly friendly and learned that my peeps are fun and good for lots of treats...seeds you know.  So here are the pix.   Excuse the lack of quality, this was all before the magical, fancy flashy beast.
They were living under the raft leaned against the house!
Here they come out to see my peeps.

Sitting on Mom's knee.

Dad gives a pet.

Taking a dust bath.

Isn't that pawesome?!?   Wild Bobwhites right here visiting with my peeps!  Up close and personal.  They stayed around all during the Winter of '04-05.  Most left in the Spring, then some came back that Winter.  The following Spring they all wandered away leaving my peeps sorrowful and wishing they'd come back.   Great memories.

And here come the BIG BIRDS!
This pawesome hawk was rescued and Mom saw it at an
Earth Day event.

This amazing owl was rescued too!

One morning on a camping trip, my peeps rolled out of their tent to find me laying on the creekbank watching these Canada Geese honking their way downstream.  BOL

This noble birdie was strutting around my driveway!
It's a Ruffed Grouse, the State birdie of Pennsylvania.

That's a nice way to end the series I think.  Thanks again for playing along with me this week and tune in tomorrow for a special Snicker Saturday...Funny Birdie Edition!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

November 24, 2011

Give Us The Bird...Day Four...Thanksgiving Turkey

Hey Everyone!
Wow, it's finally Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and I'm celebrating it for the 4th day of
Give Us The Bird!

Without further come the Gobblers!

Why does the turkey cross the road?  
(Insert your own punchline here.)

Look!  It's a turkey explosion in my yard! 
They're right out front, across from Mom's Subaru.

Showing off that famous tail fan.
He's strutting in my side yard and looking for cute chicks!

Are you ready for your close up?

Well, sometimes a gobbler gets too close and Dad has to bash 'em!
Turkey season on my hill!

 And after Dad bashes one of them, they cook in a pot like this!
You can almost smell it through your Mr Dell!

And here's the result! Cooked, fresh, wild turkey.
Mom cooks it up in the crockpot and the result is delish.
Excellent for turkey noodle soup and
even better for turkey salad.
If you think chicken salad is good, you should try this!

Boy, I suppose this is a morbid way to end today's post, but that's sorta the theme to Thanksgiving.  At least for the turkey.   BWAR HAR HAR.  Here's a funny to lighten that mood...If your peeps are oven-roasting your turkey, be sure they remember to:

If your pack celebrates Thanksgiving, I'm wishing a very happy celebration to you all and I hope you get lots of table scraps...that's okay on a holiday, right?!?  Tune back in tomorrow for my Bobwhite and Big Birdie post.

BTW:  Don't forget about Ronnii, Ujio & Izzy's big upcoming party for new Blogvilleites!  You don't want to miss it.  Go to the Blogville Community Calendar for the details.  I sure hope I see all of you there!

Grr and Properly Stuffed Woof,
Sarge, COP

November 23, 2011

Give Us The Bird...Day Three...Arts, Crafts, Yards

Hey Everyone!
Wow, I'm so glad you've come back for the 3rd day of Give Us The Bird!


So, here come my artsy, fartsy, and outdoorsy feathered fun! 
Hang on and sit comfy...this is a long one!

Hummingbird yard flag.

Here's the bronze Canada Goose from the Cottrill Studio near Frankie's house.

Now, let's see what's on our walls...
Check out this most gorgeous hummer & lily pix.
This was a gift from Mamaw and my
Mom adores it!

Eagle on our walls.

One of four duckie pix on our walls.

This is a cardinal whirly-gig spinner from my deck.

Even the thermometer on my back deck has Grouse on it!

And the flour canister too! 

This guy's on the Thursday menu.

Our wake up alarm!

This is from Dad's sister who lives in Alaska.
See the Bald Eagle and the Atlantic Puffin on the right side?

This napkin holder and coaster came from a forge near my house.

On the dresser...

On the lamp...

And above the kitchen cabinets.
These are made where Frankie lives!

So, there you have it.  Whew.  I never realized how darn many birdie things we have here! 
Gosh, they're like Frankie's Snowmen!  Teeheehee.

I hope you liked this look at my artsy, craftsy, outdoorsy birdies.  I'll be around to see all of your posts and keep everyone in the big drawing this Sunday.   Tune in tomorrow for Thanksgiving and Turkey Day!!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP