September 21, 2016

Big News on Wednesday

Hey Everyone!
Wow, it's been one long ginormous FUREVER since I got to see all of you!    Holy moley I've missed Blogville bunches.  

Well, this is me...just in case you furgot what I look like:

So, if you checked out Frankie's post yesterday you heard the news!!     YUP, WE'RE MOVING!  

I'm leaving my beloved mountain and forest and packing all of my bestest toys and treats.   The girls are packing up their trendy loft and wardrobe collection of shells and away we go.     This should all happen in the next few weeks, so we still might be AWOL a little.   Butt, we are all thinking of all of you and missing you bunches.   

 Pssssst....hey girls!      We gotta get organized and ready to go!

Goodness, our darling Sarge has whispered to us and we'll be working our long and lovely leggies to get ready.     We simply must be sure that our glamorous shells get packed. 

 Oh, heavens, we will surely need more luggage!    The Hands will need to arrange for extra accommodations in the van for our belongings.   

 Okay, those ladies are gonna break an axle on the moving truck with all of that stuff!!!

Luckily, my collar collection is grand, but light weight!   BWAR HAR HAR

Crossing paws for a smooth selling here and buying there.   BOL     Then a smooth moving from here to a moving in there.     Frankie and Ernie and Mamaw and Papaw Pantslegs have all pawmised me that knows how to find The Coop and will still deliver yummers to me.   WHEW   That's a relief.    That's had me worried something fierce.   

Okay, so that's the news and we'll be around whenever we can.    Once this craziness is all over and the dust settles, we'll be back to full Blogville fun.     Movin' on out...movin' out!

Grr and a Relocating Woof,
Sarge, Road Dog