June 27, 2013

Sunglasses Day

Hey Everyone!
Wow, today is a really fun and special day in Blogville.   Ranger and Frankie are co-hosting SUNGLASSES DAY today!   Wooohooooo.   Now, I'm all over this one.  I'm a modern dude fur sure so I have lots of shades.   Here are a few samples of my handsome self:

Are there any ladies in Blogville who are looking
for a cool date?  

Anyone up for a game of volleyball?

Sometimes a guy just needs to chill out!

So, don't miss out on the fun.  Join us for Sunglasses Day everyone!
Thanks Ranger and Frankie for hosting!
Grr and a Cool Woof,
Sarge, COP

June 24, 2013

Water Mania Drawing Winner

Hey Everyone!
Wow, I finally got rested up from all of the Water Mania fun on Saturday!  Thanks again to all of my 63 pawticipants and all of the many many spectators.  It was pawesome and I had a blast.

Okay, enough of that probably want to know what lucky furiend won the $25 prize!
I took F-n-E out of the list (can't let family win!  BOL) and the remaining 61 went into the drawing.

Check this out:::

I'm so very happy that you won, my good golden furiend!  Please email your addy to me and I'll get your pressie packed up and on its way.  WOOHOOOOOO!   That was wonderful!

And just for funsies, here's one more look at your Water Maniac Host:::

Grr and A Wet Woof,
Sarge, Swimmer

June 23, 2013

Smiles on Sunday

Hello Everyone!

Wow, I had to do a special post just to thank all of Blogville for joining me yesterday for Water Mania!   I had so much fun and I think all of the pawticipants and spectators did too.  Thanks for sharing a day filled with smiles!    I don't know about all of you, but I'm one tired pooch today.   WHEW


All 63 water maniacs will be entered to win a prize.  Good luck to all of you!

Grr and a Worn-Out Wet Woof,
Sarge, Host

June 22, 2013

Water Mania Post 4

Hey Everyone!
Wow, this is the big finale!  It's the fourth group of our Water Mania furiends.  So, be sure you caught all four installments now.  Go back three hours each and see the other 3 posts for all of the action.

Go for it, group four!

Frankie and Ernie kick off this group in style!
Hey F-n-E, you totally rock those zoom-o suits.  Nice water swirls there guys!

My very good furiends, Daisy, Bella, and Roxy are up next!
They have a beautiful swimmie beach.   Looking very lovely wading along ladies!

Susie is pawticipating in Water Mania in her pool!
Hello, my gorgeous furiend.  I bet that water is cool and refreshing!

My co-worker and good buddy Sidebite splashes in next!
I love that pawesome ball and I'm sure it's fun in the pool.  I'm so glad you joined me!

Let's welcome Bertie as he wades into the event!
Wow, that's such a beautiful Loch.  Thanks for letting us see this gorgeous scenery!

 Addi is celebrating Water Mania day with her bestest fellow!
It's so cool that you could team up for the event.   Looking great, my furiends!

And gorgeous Jazzi prefers to enjoy her water as a spectator!
Great pix of that water slide.  OMD I think I agree that might be too extreme!  BOL

 Reuben joins all of us in this next pix!
What a great example of the after-water-shake-off.   Perfect technique and action!

 Our next pawticipant is the lovely Mayzie!
Another bathing victim, she's taking this like a brave girl.  Thanks for joining me today!

 And Brudder Ranger is with us today too!
Great job wading along the edge of that scenic creek.  I bet that feels good on the paws!

 And Smudge is another feline furiend in our event today!
This is a fun pix of a reflection in a water bowl.  Thanks for the unique and fun entry!

 Here's my good furiend, Oskar!
Oh, the dreaded bath strikes again.  Great job tolerating the soaking and thanks for joining me!

Now I have Greta, Bailey and Hazel wrapping up today's Water Mania in high style!
Check out their great day at the beach.  An amazing example of water fun, my furiends!

Okay, one more pix of me and some total Water Mania!  BOL

Yeeehaaaaa everyone!
I want to thank all of you, my bestest furiends, for pawticipating with me in my first ever WATER MANIA event.  You are all wonderful and your pix were amazing.  I have had a blast with all of you and on MONDAY I will hold the big drawing for a prize pressie worth $25.  All of you are entered individually and I wish you all the best of luck.   And, I appreciate all of the spectators who came along for the ride today as we celebrated fun with water.  Thanks for checking out the action with us, my furiends!

Grr and a Wet Woof,
Sarge, Water Hound

Water Mania Post 3

Hey Everyone!
Wow, I have an amazing group of Water Maniacs for our third edition!  Be sure you visited the first two earlier today, and don't forget to come back in three hours for the final bunch of furiends.  Everyone is having a splashing good time!

And awaaaaaayyyy we go:

Hey, Noodles, you're first in this group!
Gee, what a super swimmer.  You look wonderful in blue and that's great swimmie action!

And pretty Molly is here with us too!
What a nice pool.  Looks like a fun time there splashing around!

My gorgeous furiend Ruby joins us next!
She's bobbing for toys in her blue water bucket.  OMD that's such a fun way to play!

Riley is our next water maniac!
I see there is a super spray of water in the air.  Fabulous leaping and biting action!

My very good furiend, Goose is pawticipating today!
That's a beautiful creek full of refreshing water.  Great job swimming the current!

Bert, my great buddy, comes leaping into the event here!
OMD that's an amazing action pix.  Fabulous job flying over the water.  Great splash!

Our brave furiend, Cinnamon is our next maniac!
She tolerated a dreaded bath to join us today.  Thanks so much for pawticipating, sweetie!

Our golden lovely lady Sugar joins us now!
She's enjoying a delicious frozen water treat.   That's a very tasty way to enter the mania!

 Sagira and Bokeh are paddling along in this pix!
Check out the double tandem synchronized swimmie action.  Fabulous work my furiends!

 Check out Shiver, our next pawticipant in this set of maniacs!
He's about to have a nice cool water drink.   Hello, my good furiend, I'm glad you're here!

 And Chico is a water maniac too!
He agrees the water is a refreshing drink.  Thanks so much for being here with me today!

Molly the Wally finishes up this third set of my Water Mania event!
OMD what a fun entry.    Better hang on to that line, my very very brave furiend!

Okay, furiends!  Wasn't that a fantastical bunch of water maniacs?!?  Well, there's one more group, so I'll see you in about three hours.

Grr and A Wet Woof,
Sarge, Sailor

Water Mania Post 2

Hey Everyone!
Wow, it's already time for the second installment of Water Maniacs!  In case you missed it, please click back three hours to the 8am EST edition to see the first group.   After this post, there will two more at three hour intervals.   Be sure to catch them all!

Okay, hang on, here comes the second wave!   Get it...wave...water mania...get it?!? ahem...

 My gorgeous furiend Finn is up first this time!
Great double water fun.  She's enjoying her pool AND a hose spritz too!   Cool!

Charley is joining the manic fun today too!
He's checking out the perfect water in the pool.  Looking so very handsome, buddy!

I'm so happy that Reilly is pawticipating!
Not a big fan of water, so this was a big surprise.   Great job being brave for the event!

 Duncan is our next big water maniac!
He's doing some serious bobbing in his water bowl.  Excellent work!

 Stella joins the fun in this next pix!
Hello, gorgeous!   What a pawesome pool and I bet that ice feels great!

 Rory comes wading in next!
He's enjoying the fabulous surf.   Wonderful beach pix, my furiend!

The next water maniac is Tyler!
The ocean is looking fabulous.  Great job enjoying the seaside!

 Jinx splashes in with our next entry!
That water and sand must feel great on the paws.  Thanks for pawticipating with us!

 Here's another cat furiend; it's Penny!
Purrfect job using that sink for a creative entry.  Your fur is totally gorgeous!

Lenny is here representing the exotic water maniacs of Blogville!
He's enjoying some time next to his water pool.  I'm so glad you're here, my furiend!

 Check out my amazing pal, Wai-Pai!
Braving a bath is a pawesome way to enter today's event!  Looking great and wet too!

OMD check this out...Benny and Lily are here with us!
Such perfect pool pix.  Great examples of water mania. 
Benny you look so very handsome and Lily you are totally gorgeous!

OMD what a wonderful second installment of water maniacs!  Don't forget to go back to see the first group if you haven't already done that...and come back in a few hours for group number 3.

Grr and A Wet Woof,
Sarge, Super Splasher