March 30, 2016

Wordless Wednesday... Zzzzzzzz

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Police Commish

March 26, 2016

My 10th Barkday DRAWING

Hey everyone!
Wow, I had so much fun with all of you yesterday!     THANKS SO VERY MUCH FOR MAKING MY 10th BARKDAY SPECIAL AND WONDERFUL!   You are all the bestest furiends ever and you all mean the world to me.

Before the drawing, check out what FnE and Mamaw and Papaw Pantslegs gave me for my barkday:

Oh, I love a good ball and rope toy!   Thanks bunches!

Okay, so I pawmised a random drawing for everyone who attended my party. 

I know that's a little blurry, but it's better in the drawing video.   Here is the list of everyone except FnE because it wouldn't be fair to let family win.  

Now, I had sooooo much fun yesterday that I'm still wearing my silly party hat!   BWAR HAR HAR

We are drawing for a prize pressie from Clara's Collars.

As you can see, I'm a fan.   BOL.

Okay, let's get this show on the road!!!
Mom is gonna video and run the music.
Dad is gonna pull the number.
I'm gonna snoopervise.

Turn up those speakers!

You can have anything you hearts desire.
Once you have decided, please let me know the item you want,
the fabric pattern,
and the size and I'll get it ordered.    

Thanks again, everyone for making my barkday so special.
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Furiend

March 25, 2016

My 10th Barkday Party....Post 2 of 2

Hey furiends!    Welcome back to pawty part 2!

(If you missed part one, link back to it so you don't miss any of the fun!)

My peeps gave me some pressies!      Oh, the fun of opening packages.

Cool!   These are super fun stuffies.    I'll be playing with those tomorrow after my party is all over.  Just sayin'.

OMD there are still more partiers showing up!!    Here come more guests...

Holy cow, the ladies are about to faint!    Check out my furiends Reilly and Denny.  They are so full of handsomeness.      Let's go grab some foodables and mingle a little in the crowd.   I'm so glad you're here!

Everyone be sure to step outside for some yummers.     It's a "Build Your Own Gourmet Hot Dog" spread!   Holy cow that looks delish.   Grilled tube steaks and all the toppings and fixings you could ever want.   Be sure you grab a few and munch away!

Oh, my Aussie furiends made it!!    Welcome to the pawty, Bella and Dui.    Thanks bunches for bringing cake and we'll all be drooling over that.    BOL

Everyone bark or meow a hello to Millie & Walter!      Hi furiends and thanks so much for coming.  Be sure to grab some toys and snacks.

Puppy Punch is available for everyone to sample!   It's delish and a little more "tame" than some of the other drinkies around the party today.   BOL/MOL

Kitty Cream is available for my kitty furiends too!   I tried it and it's delish as well.

Chester & Joey are here from The Daily Bone!    I'm so glad you could be here with me.   Come on in and grab a drinkie and some foodables.      We're going to have so much fun today!

 There are lots more toys around to everyone to play with!      Don't be shy, my furiends.  Jump right in and have a blast!

OMD our furiend Sweet William is here too!   YIPEEE.   Thanks for coming and your animated card is adorable.    Holy jumpin' jalapenos, it's a mariachi band!!    That'll liven things up fur sure.

OMD this is my new doxie furiend Christmas!    If you don't know him and his Mom Robin, please click his name to go visit.   They are wonderful and fun and have lots of pets in their family!

Wow, Speedy is wearing a colorful harness for the party today!   He looks great, of course and I'm wagging like crazy that he's here with us.     We have some great veggies to snack on, so let's grab something to eat, my furiend!
And Speedy caught this super group pix of everyone!!  Thanks bunches!!

My party wouldn't be complete without my furiends Lassie & Benji!    AND THEY BROUGHT CAKE!   Woohooo because I think we were running low on sweet snackers.   The frosting will be delish and I'll be sure to huff and blow out all of the candles.   

Hey, Casey & Jessie are here too!     OMD I gotta bark that it looks a little like Casey might have gotten a head start with the drinkies.   Just sayin'.    BWAR HAR HAR     Have fun, my furiends and I'm glad you're here with me today.

Woah, fellas!!    Check out our gorgous Lady Shasta!    Some lucky guy should give her a twirl around the dance floor.   She is looking lovely in her dress and corsage.    Beautiful, my furiend!!

 Hey everyone!!   Give a big shout HELLO to Oreo & Addi.     OMD you are such sweet furiends and my barkday wouldn't be the same without you both.   Thanks for coming and be sure to grab a snack!

Ruby, thanks for coming today!     Oh, and I see you brought some rubyritas for us.   Ahhhhhh those are so delish.    Everyone will be enjoying them.      Maybe we can spin around the dancefloor together!

Well, furiends, now the party's really official!    Our co-mayorz Murphy & Stanley have arrived.  WOOHOOO       Wow, you guys have the bestest smiles and I'm wagging to have you here.

BEFORE YOU LEAVE:   Please be sure to grab a party favor as my thanks for being here with me today!     There are lots of toys and treats in each one...especially for you, my furiends.

Now, don't forget that all of you (except FnE) are entered in the big drawing for a pressie from Clara's Collars!     Click the link to check out all of the great collars, leashes, harnesses, bow ties, collar flowers, tag holders, etc.     Bestest of luck to all of you.    The drawing will be held tomorrow, so tune in to see who won.


I adore all of you and you fill my life with joy and love.   
Thanks for sharing with me today!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Party Animal

My 10th Barkday Party...Post 1 of 2

Hey Everyone!
Wow, thanks for coming to help me celebrate my 10th barkday in fine Blogville style!    OMD we're gonna have some fun now......

(Be sure to stop back in a few minutes for part 2!)

Help yourselves to some foodables!    Mom got busy and made us up some Slammin' Salmon:
It's filled with Alaskan salmon, sardines, ground liver, some veggies and topped with shredded cheddar cheese. YUM.  I thought my kitty furiends would be especially happy about this one.   

 And she also made us some Barkin' Beef!

So grab a bowl and dig right in!    This is made with ground beef, barley, and veggies and fruit.   YUM AGAIN!


The firstest to arrive:   Hailey and Zaphod!      Lee looks great in her party hat and I'm so glad that they are both here to pawty with us.   

 I'm wagging like crazy because our diva darling Madi is here too!     OMD/OMC we're all crossing paws that she'll entertain us with some supreme twerking later.    Don't miss out on that!!   

 I made sure we have lots of fun toys for everyone to enjoy during the party!   Be sure to grab your favorite kind and have a blast.   

I love my cool kitty furiends, and Sammy is here with a whole tray full of barkatinis!  WHOOOHOOOO.   We're gonna love these and that will crank up the fun level here today.  Thanks bunches, my furiend!

Whitley is looking lovely as always!    She wore one of her prettiest dresses for the party and I think she looks amazing.     Green is a great color for her.  

No party would be complete without my FiveSibes furiends!    Wolf, Chloe, Bandit, Angel Gibson and Harley are all here to celebrate with us.   Thanks for the cool party wishes and welcome to the fun!

Hey, great idea Princess Leah!   She's grabbing a bottle of drinkie for all of us to enjoy.   Thanks, my furiend and bottoms up everyone!

Oh, gosh I'm so happy to see these next guests!   These are my long time Blogville furiends Hiro, Izzy, Missi Bean, Uji and Ziggy.   We've shared our blog lives for many years and I'm wagging like crazy to have them here today.      Have fun, my furiends!

The next guest is our ultra-fun furiend, Easy!    As you can see he is providing foodables for everyone.   BOL.    AND, he was so sweet to send me a barkday card too.   Here it is......

My crabby girls are clacking their claws with glee over all of these sea furiend lobsters!   BOL

 Oh, this is soooo great!      Here are Frankie and Abby the Lab.       Thanks for the cute cards and I'm glad you are both here.  

Ernie and Roxy are having fun together at the party today!    Thanks for being here to help me celebrate my 10th barkday.   You two are so cute together...don't have too much fun!  BOL and WinkWink.

 Oh, we caught Shawnee in her favorite hiking harness!    Love those curly ribbons.   I'm wagging like crazy because you're here with us!   

Lily is looking so pretty in pink today and Edward is full of handsomeness in red!    Be sure to get some foodables and drinkies, my very good furiends. 

Hey everyone!   Be sure to chomp down on a pup cake...or two...or three!   BWAR HAR HAR   We'll all be walking around with icing on our snooters.   BOL   

Well, I see Princess Leah got herself a drinkie too!   BOL       Sip slowly, my young furiend.   Just sayin'.   BWAR HAR HAR  

Wow, check out the dapper Bentley & Pierre!   They came all the way from the Bayou to join the party.   Gosh, you guys are totally handsome and the girls are staring.    Let's grab a snack together!  

Now, joining the party next are my good pug furiends, Gussie, Maggie Mae and Stella Rose!

You guys all look great and we're going to have a super time today!   Be sure to grab a snacker and some drinkies too.   Thanks bunches for coming today!

 Hi there Bertie!      Holy cow you came wearing a gorgeous sweater.  The girls will be swooning fur you.      I'm so glad you are here with me today and enjoy the party, my furiend!

My next party guests are Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo!    OMD, thanks so much for the adorable birthday card and you all look so very festive and cute.   Those hats are perfect.     Gosh, pressies too!  

Hi Ho to my furiends from Idaho!!        Bailey is most handsome and Hazel & Mabel are adorable as always.    Gosh, those hats are giving me the giggles.   

Okay, my furiends, that's pawty part 1!  
Be sure to come back shortly for the rest of the fun!


Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Party Animal