January 31, 2011

EYE WOOD KNOT week four

Hey everyone!   Welcome to week four of EYE WOOD KNOT!   This is my series where on Monday's I show you a really cool knot from somewhere in my house, then you comment with what you see and think it looks like.  Then on Tuesday I'll show you what I see.  Okay? Remember?  Great, thanks for playing along.

Okay, what do you see?   Tune in tomorrow for my viewpoint!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

January 29, 2011

Snicker Saturday Tubby

Hey Everyone!    Happy Snicker Saturday.   Here's your daily chuckle.   BUSTED...on camera.   So I was busy playing a teehee haha on my peeps, when the flashy beast went off and blew my cover!  

I have to admit that one of my favorite chuckles when I'm a little bit bored is to take my bestest cow toy and if my peeps won't humor me, I'll go dump it in the bathtub...then be forced to retrieve it.   It's a little bit sad I know, but a bored dog is a creative dog.  It's Mom & Dad's fault really.  If they'd just be at my beck and collar, I wouldn't have to do these things.   So, anyway...I thought it was about time for a tub toy game so I snuck into the bathroom and dumped in my beloved cow.  Then I cried and fussed around a little, then I jumped in after it.  When to my surprise as I exited the tub... hard evidence.   BUSTED   You can see the facts unfold below:

Goin' in!

Hey, get 'er done!


Proof pawsitive...

Muddy pawprints...

Needless to say this caused lots of excitement...which was my goal to begin with.  I admit I was a little concerned I might end up in the tub again for a bath, but my peeps let it go for now.  They justcleaned my feet...rub-a-tub-tub! 
BOL BWAR HAR TEE HEE HAHA   Gotta keep them on their toes...using my muddy paws!


Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

January 25, 2011

EYE WOOD KNOT week three answer

Hey everyone!   Here it is now Tuesday, and time for me to show all of you what I see when I look at yesterday's knot.   This is soooo much fun for me!  Hope you're enjoying it too.    Okay, here we go:::

Here is yesterday's knot....remember it????
And look below to see what I see...

Did anyone else see a big flying bee??? 

Thanks again for joining the fun...and I'll do it again next week!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

January 24, 2011

Eye Wood Knot week three

Hey everyone!   Happy Monday.  Here we are ready for the third in my knotty series.   You remember how this goes, right?!?  I show you a knot from my cabin today and you all tell me what you see.  Then tomorrow (Tuesday) I'll show you what I see.   Thanks for playing along again this week.   HERE WE GO:::::

Well.....what do you see??? 

Grr and an Eye-Spy Woof,
Sarge, COP

January 23, 2011

Sunday COP Geeeeear

Hey everyone!     Wow, I've gotten such great gear so that I am ready for my assignment as Chief of Police!   Here are some more pix of my stuff!  

Wow, look at this cool COP coaster...complete with Sarge snacks!

Here's the COP yard flag from Mamaw!   Very cool.

Here's the flag in our cold, snowy yard!  
I gotta say, this is all super great stuff!   Dad and I share a bunch of these COP things. 
It's just the bestest ever.  I'm soooo super proud.

Next time, my service weapon from Frankie!!  Stay tuned...

Grr and a Dutiful Woof,
Sarge, COP

January 22, 2011

Snicker Saturday COPbuuuurp

Hey everyone!   Happy Snicker Saturday.    Here's your chuckle for the day...

Hey!  WOW, Donuts for the COP!!

YES!    I smell something goooood!  I'm a COP!


Tee hee and a YUMMY hee!!

BOL!   Have a great weekend!

Grr and a Sweet-toothed Woof,
Sarge, COP

January 20, 2011

More COP Gear

Hey Everyone!

Wow, I've got the bestest doggie bloggie furiends ever!   I've gotten even more pressies for my official Chief of Police assignment.   Get this:  My cousin Frankie Furter sent me the coolest ever service weapon for my official duties.  I'll post pix later.  Trust me, it's a great gun and I'll wear it with pride.   And get this:  Ronni and Richie made the mostest pawsome badge for me.  I'll be working to get it placed right here on my blog for everyone to see.

THANKS TO FRANKIE, RONNI AND RICHIE!   I love my COP stuff.  You guys are the bestest!
ALSO, A BIG HELLO TO DEPUTY ZONA!  In a few weeks you'll be getting some official Deputy Dog gear for your job too!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

January 18, 2011

EYE WOOD KNOT Tuesday of week 2

Hey everyone!    It's the second day of the second week of my series.  I hope you are having fun...I'm having a ball!     Here is what I see in my little (well, not that little) doggie brain when I see this knot. 

First the knot again, so you remember it...
 And here's what I see...

Did any of you see two little birdies in their nest???   Looks like they had a fight and don't want to look at each other!!  BOL   Must have stepped on each others little feetsies.  Got their feathers ruffled!   BOL

Come back next Monday for the next knot!   
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

January 17, 2011

My Knot Series Next knot and title

Hey everyone!   Happy Monday.   Here we are in the second round of my new knot series.  I am pleased to report that the votes have been tallied and we have a winning title.  Thanks to everyone to tuning in and voting last week.  It was a close call between Connect the Knots and Eye Wood Knot.  The winner is:
EYE WOOD KNOT ....   by one vote!

So, now that we have a title, here is your next knot.   I know what I see and I'm posting that right away for Tuesday.  That way I won't cheat from your cool ideas.   Here it is...what do you see???

Come back tomorrow (Tuesday) to see what I saw.   Thanks for playing along with me!!!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

January 16, 2011

MangoMinster 2011

This year I am thrilled to compete in the prestigious MangoMinster 2011!   The categories were all great, but I am the bestest dog for the Good Ol' Dog trophy.   My peeps call me a real redneck dog.  Here's why:

1.  I live in a cabin in the woods.  I'm very protective of my territory and so:  keep out, no tresspassing, this yard guarded by Smith-Wesson-and ME-and Mom & Dad's guns.  We're all well armed in my cabin!
2.  I kill every critter I can.  Anything inside my space is bound to get bashed.  Hunting is a huuuuge pasttime for me.    I even have all the required gear and I wear camo all the time.  Really, I wear camo a lot!
3.  Fishing is high on my priority list.   If I can't hunt, I'll fish.   Creek, river,'s all good to me.  A good day fishing is a good day, period.  Can't be a city-hound and appreciate nature, fish slime and worms.
4.  Camping is great too.  Anytime I can get out into the woods with no electricity, running water, just me and Mom & Dad with a campfire is a grrreaat time.  Snacks included.  No fancy-schmancy stuff needed.
5.  I love my (Dad's) truck.  It's big and great.  Tailgating and riding shotgun are the best.   It even has a dent or two and a scratch here and there to show it's well used and broken in.  It's a redneck machine for sure.
6.  I leave my things thrown around my cabin any place I like.  Cleaning's not a priority...that's for fancy-pants dogs. 
7.  Frequently, when I'm just laying around silently minding my own doggie business, someone suddenly yells, "Sarge, your butt stinks!"  Then everyone runs from the room.  I don't get it.  Smells okay to me.  Also, I really like to snuggle right up to Mom & Dad, then go in for the chin lick, and instead: give a big ol' Sarge *burp* right in their face.  They say they don't like this, but I doubt it's true.  The more Sarge the better.  I want them to know I appreciate my kibble. 

I'm the perfect picture of a Good Ol' Dog.  Here's the proof:

Lots 'n lots of fishing gear...

Put it in the water, Dad!

Kill 'em, Kill 'em!

Tailgating with the boys!  Me, Dad, Cousin Frankie, and Papaw pantslegs.  Note the camo!  Dig that truck!!

Fishin' doggie style!

Camp dog!

'Round the campfire!

Let's go huntin' Dad!

That's the stuff!

There you have it.  There can't be a bigger redneck Good Ol' Dog anywhere.  Really. 

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

January 15, 2011

Snicker Saturday snowdog

Hey everyone!   Happy Snicker Saturday!    Guess what it's doing at my house this morning...faster than I can shake it off?!?


Snow on my Zonadana!

At least I get rubbies!

Towel drying!

Fluff -n- Stuff!

You will notice that the bad news is:  I can't stay out in this alllll day like I want to.
The good news is:   I'm wearing my favorite Zonadana to keep me warm and cuddly.
The other good news is:  I get the dry treatment with every trip out.  Lots of vigorous rubs!

Anyway, I thought you might like a laugh at my snowy snout! 

BTW:  Don't forget to tune in on Monday for my next KNOT and then on Tuesday for my view!
BTW:  Don't forget Bunny has challenged Pip to a race next month! (That might be backwards.)
BTW:  Don't forget that Pip has challenged Bunny to a race next month! (That might be backwards.)
BTW:  Don't forget that MangoMinster is coming up!
BTW:  Don't forget that Flat George is spanning the globe for fun!
BTW:   Don't forget The Road Dogs are doing yummy giveaways!
BTW:   Did I mention that my bestest, onliest girl Zona is going to be my mostest specialist deputy?? WOW

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

January 14, 2011

More Cop Gear

Hey Everyone!     I'm soooo super proud to be Chief of Police (COP) of Blogville.  Here are some pix of my new COP gear.

Hey, here's a baby Sarge pix with big Sarge.   I knew my calling even back then!!!
Thanks everyone for your continued support.   I've got your backs!!

Grr and a Proud Woof,
Sarge, COP

January 11, 2011

My Wood Knot View

Hey Everyone!    Here it is Tuesday already and the second day of my new series.  Check back to Sunday and Monday to see the rules.   I showed everyone a knot from my house yesterday (Monday), hopefully everyone commented what they thought it looked like, now today I'll show you what I see.   Also, I'll be checking your comments as you vote for the title.

Here is yesterday's Knot:

 And here's what I see when I look at it.    Did any of you see a cartoon doggie??? 
Very appropriate way to kick off this game, huh?!?!

See everyone next Monday for the next Knot and the new title...then on Tuesday for my view.  Wood you like to join me for some knotty fun?   Don't let me leaf you out!   Log in next Monday?  BWARHAR  Get it?

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

January 10, 2011

My New Knot Series

Hey everyone!   Well, here it is.   It's Monday and time for my first wood knot in my series.  Remember how this will work?   Mondays I'll show you a knot from my comment what it looks like to you...then Tuesdays I'll show you what it looks like to me!   All will be pre-posted so I can't cheat off of what you say. 

Also:  Please keep commenting your vote for the name of the game so that next Monday I can call it by whichever one you liked.   Your choices are:

So, here is your first knot.  Don't forget to vote for the title and also tell me what you see when you look at this:

Have fun!   I know I will!
Grr and a Fun Woof,
Sarge, COP

January 09, 2011

Sunday Announcement

Hey Everyone!

I want to do my very firstest ever series!   Here's how it will work.  Did you all know that I live in a cabin?  It's all wood and really nice and cozy.  Well, we all know that wood has lots of knots and swirlies all in it and the walls of my house are really cool with lots of "character".  I always look around and see the knots and imagine they are all kinds of really amazing critters and things.  You know how peeps sometimes like to look at the clouds and see bunnies and mashed potatoes and stuff???   Same thing, but in wood.   Anyway, since I like seeing these, I thought maybe you'd like to get in on the action and see what you see in the wood.  Like an ink blot!!!   BTW:  My tongue looks like an ink blot!!   bol     Sooo, this is my new series.   I'll show a knot on Mondays, you can comment what you see, then on Tuesdays I'll show you what I see when I look at this knot.   I'll have these all pre-loaded so I won't be tempted to let your comments sway what I see.   OKAY???   Sound like fun???   I hope so.    Lets get KNOTTY!!!   BOL    If you're interested in playing along, tomorrow is the first knot and Tuesday I'll show my view on it.

Last thing on this idea...I think I need a name for this game.  Don't you??  I can't decide.  I have a few in mind, but can't make up my mind.   What one do you like best?   I'll read your comments and next week I'll use which ever name gets the most comments.   Here are my possibles:

So, let me know which name you like, then look in tomorrow for my first knot and tell me what you see.  Then check in on Tuesday for my take on it.

Thanks for playing along with me!
Grr and a Knotty Woof,
Sarge, COP

January 08, 2011

Snicker Saturday Defeets

Hey Everyone!    Happy Snicker Saturday to all of you.     Here's your weekend chuckle...once again on me.   My entertainment value remains high.

Have I ever mentioned that I have this kinda weird habit of liking to snuffle into my peeps shoes?  Well, I have to admit that I do.   I really only like to do this after they've been wearing them around all day and they are good and stinky (ahem).   Then I wait for them to get undressed at night...and pounce!  Snuffle and Snort  Then roll all over them for good measure.   It's kinda hard for Mom to get a good pix of this because I'm super excited and really fast...lots of blur.   Anyway, here's the laugh and the pix of the action. my expense:

Well, I can't explain why these pix are so orange...they didn't look like that on Mom & Dad's camera.  Oh well, you get the smelly idea anyway.   It's soooo much fun!   And it's really kinda gross!   My peeps are totally at a loss, but they get a good chuckle every night.       Have a great weekend!

Grr and an Odor-Eater Woof,
Sarge, COP

January 04, 2011

Teehee Tuesday

Hey everyone!
Since New Years festivities took the place of my usual Snicker Saturday, here is a chuckle for your Tuesday instead.    

Guess what Dad poured over my doggie treats?   Can you tell by the evidence in these pix??

I'll give you a hint... I lapped it up and asked for MOOOOOORE.

BOL BWAR HAR    I gotta laugh at myself.  I don't have sleeves to wipe this on!!!   No thumbs to use a napkin either!!!   I'll just wait till Dad isn't expecting it and cuddle my chin onto his lap!   BOL BWAR

Grr and a Soggy Woof,
Sarge, COP

January 03, 2011

COP Gear

Hey everyone!
Since I'm the new Chief of Police for Blogville, I thought I should show everyone my uniform.  I'll try to be impressive so as to intimidate the criminal critter element!  I have been diligently patrolling my perimeter and giving my bestest grrrr and woof to all those who look to disturb the peace.  If anyone has any crime fighting to attend to, please let me know and I'll get right on it.

I have more COP gear, but I'll save that for another time.  I'm in full "protect and serve" mode now!

Hey Zona Girl, do you like me in blue??????  wink wink

Grr and an Alert Woof,
Sarge, COP

January 01, 2011

New Years Sarge Style

Hey everyone!    I hope all of you had the mostest fun and safest ever New Years celebrations.  Happy 2011 to all!    I started illegal activity involved...I'm COP remember...but I did have fun.   Here are pix of all the action:

My hot air!  BOL

Huff n Puff!

Festive fun!

Party Dog!

Rockin' Eve music note collar!!

That was all last night.  Now today:   I look mostly like this:
I can be Chief of Police and be fun too!!!

Don't forget to watch the Rose Petals Parade today!  What great fun to see all that nature on all those floats.  It's beautiful.   I usually watch it with Mom and Dad on the Travel Channel.  They show the bestest views with less of the peeps talking and stuff.  I hope you all see and enjoy it.

Grr and a Tuckered-Out, End-Of-2010 Woof,
Sarge, COP