January 31, 2015

Snicker Saturday...Freaky Foodables

Hey Everyone!
Wow, this is a weird Snicker for today fur sure!    So, my peeps left me for about 87 hours this morning.   They said they would be back soon, but that's always a fib.   They were gone furever and when they got back I could tell why.   They went clear to China again to eat...without me.   PTTHTHHTHTH.

Well, usually when they go there I get some foodables that they sneak out of the place.  BOL  So, when they got home smelling like China I was totally excited!   Gimme Gimme Gimme   I want stolen foodables!  

Dad grabbed a bundle from the table and handed it over to me....  Hold onto yourselves... it looked like this:

YIKES!     Oh My DAAAWWWGGG     What the %&$#!$ is that?!?!     Are those aliens?!?!? 

Nooooooo!     That can't possible be foodables!     I thought I'd pass out fur sure.

Well, Mom let out a yell.   "That's for my Crabby Girls!"  

Yup, Dad nearly gave me the snackers Mom stole for Beachnut, Oceana and Shelldon.   To clear up my baffled mystery, that's a squid tentacle and a shrimp.    HOLY MOLY!   I can't believe they eat that stuff.    YUCK AND BLECH        Well, they'll be thrilled because Mom swears they love that stuff.   Okay, whatever.   I'm over my HAND OVER MY SNACKERS!

Now, that's more like it.   Sausage roll and chicken wrapped in bacon.   SLURP AND DROOL    That's much better and all is forgiven.

Thanks, Dad, but next time lets avoid the near heart attack.   BOL   Crazy crabby girls and their exotic seafood cuisine.    BWAR HAR HAR

Hope you got a chuckle out of this story and that you get some fun foodables today too.

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Police Commish

January 30, 2015

Furiend on Friday

Hey Everyone!
Wow, my Mom got the coolest pressie in the mail yesterday!    Check this out:::

 OMD this is an adorable card!    It's from Madi as a thanks for hosting her recent Box Bash.   She's the bestest furiend and her Mom is a super shopper.

My Mom went SQUEEEEE!

 And this most amazing necklace was inside the pressie pack!    Mom loves it bunches and I was wagging too.

 Holy Cow!    It looks just like me!

Thanks so much Madi and Mom for the pawesome pressie.   We love it!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge and Staff

January 28, 2015

January 26, 2015

Lucky Pooch

Hey Everyone!
Wow, I am just about the luckiest pooch on the planet today!    WHY?!?     Well, because Yente Ruby found a most wonderful date for me to escort to the Heart 2 Heart Dance.

I am so honored and thrilled to say that the lovely Cinderella will be my date for the big dance!   Isn't that great news?!?    I couldn't be happier and I see why Yente Ruby is so excellent at her job.

I'll be working now to find the bestest outfit to wear for her and practicing my dance steps because I want to show Cinderella the bestest date ever.  

See all of you at the Dance!   Don't forget to get your pix sent in to Murphy and Stanley asap.
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Police Commish

January 24, 2015

Snicker Saturday...Super Bowl Ads

Hey Everyone!
Wow, it's almost time for the big Superbowl football game!   Now, since the Steelers are outa the running, I'm not really following the action.   However, we always have the game on to watch the commercials.  BWAR HAR HAR    They are sometimes the bestest ones of the whole year.

For your Snicker Saturday chuckle today, here are three of the very favorite past commercials as picked by my Mom:

Hope you enjoyed these and got a good laugh out of them!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Police Commish

January 23, 2015

Flashback Friday .... Remember Hono Roo Roo?

Hey Everyone!
Wow, here's another look back to an event from our Blogville past!   How many of you remember our July 4th Hono Roo Roo Luau parties?    I sure do.   We had them a couple of years in a row, hosted by Feisty Three.    Oh, they were such fun!

July 4th, 2012.

Hula those hips!   BOL

Did you know I can twirl fire?

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Big Islander

January 21, 2015

Wondering Wednesday.... Heart 2 Heart Date

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Hopeful Bachelor

January 19, 2015


Hello, Blogville Darlings!    Shelldon here with a very special post to share with you today.    If you have followed us for awhile now, you have probably caught onto the fact that we Crabby Girls occasionally change our shells.   Yes, we most definitely do!   Teeheehee

This is a really important part of our lives.  You see, we continue to grow throughout our lifetimes and as we grow, we sometimes molt.   That means we shed our hard outer layer when it becomes too tight or small.  Underneath, we are all new and fresh...and bigger.   Often, we grow and molt and grow and molt enough that our shell becomes too small for us and we must find a new one.

That's the special part!

You may also have heard from previous posts that we girls are typically nocturnal.  That means we prefer to come out and about in our crabitat at night.    So, getting to see one of us changing shells is a really rare and unique event.    Usually it's dark and The Hands are sleeping.

Well, the other day, I was feeling very brave and thought I'd let The Hands observe while I change shells.    I even let them take a video of the action so we could show it to all of you today.   Here it is, my friends:   (Please forgive the noise in the background, The Hands were watching the news and no one wanted to move to turn it off.  POL   Any movement might have scared me away.)

First, I have to find the perfect shell to suit my size and taste!   I do this by rubbing my long and lovely leggies all over it and around inside it and even poking my head down inside.   I have to check it all over to be sure it's just right.   Then I line up the opening of my shell with the opening of my new one so that it's easier to make the move.

See, we are extremely vulnerable when we change!    Our bodies are really very soft and fragile which is why we need a shell.  It protects our soft part.   So, when we switch, we need to do this fast and efficiently so we are not at risk any longer than necessary.    Did you see how fast I made the move?   Could you tell how soft my body is before I tucked it into my new shell?

Here is a little video of me re-adjusting myself after my quick change:::

And just like that, I'm all situated in my new home!

Thanks for coming along on this little journey with me.   We shared a special moment together today, my friends.   We hardly ever let anyone see this happen.

Ciao and Little Pinches,

January 12, 2015

My Position In Blogville

Hey Everyone!
Wow, today is a great day because our Co-Mayorz Murphy and Stanley are introducing their administration!     Be sure to check their post for the hop and other information and then check out all of the various posts from those in Blogville who are here to serve you.

I am honored to be continuing on as Police Commissioner for Blogville. 

I started my career as Chief of Police for our firstest Mayor Frankie.     I was so pleased to be promoted to Police Commissioner when our Mayoress Madi took office.    Now that the Doods are Co-Mayorz I am so very lucky to be able to keep serving Blogville.

It is my job to oversee the entire Blogville Police Department and coordinate activities with the Mayorz.      My Top Cop is Chief Sidebite and our Chief Deputy is Ranger.    We have lots of other employees including Deputies, Jr Officers, Detectives, Patrol Officers, Fire, Rescue and Medical staff as well.    Please watch for their various posts today as they tell you about their positions.  I'm sure the BPD will be having many events throughout the year....we might even have a crime caper or two.  BOL

Thanks so much to the Doods and all of the citizens of Blogville.  I appreciate your support and will work to keep Blogville safe and secure.

Grr and an Official Woof,
Sarge, Police Commish

January 10, 2015

Madi's BOX BASH...Post 5 The Party Scene

Hey Everyone!
WELCOME BACK TO MADI'S BOX BASH!    The party is in FULL SWING now and we're having a blast.   Every body is enjoying themselves and each other and we are all celebrating Madi's term as Mayoress of Blogville.    Please be sure to stop backwards to the previous 4 posts to see all of the guests as they arrive and give Madi her boxes.    This is the last post today.     AND be sure to visit CHEF SASHA for foodables,  BARMAID RUBY for drinkies and PLAYER ERNIE for party games!  

So, here are a few glimpses of the party BOXers in action!   

Holy crabclaws!   The crabby girls brought a SandBox for Madi!    Oh, BWAR HAR HAR  those silly girls.      Everyone can take turns making sand castles.   

Um....okay, I think Roxy and Ernie have arranged for some privacy!    Hey, someone go shake that box up and see what they're up to.   BWAR HAR HAR      Looks like some smoochin' is happenin'.   

AND along with all of Chef Sasha's delish foodables, we have BOX LUNCHES for everyone!  BWAR HAR HAR

Oh, BOX LUNCHES...that's purrrrfect!    BOL/MOL     Everyone is welcome to grab one or two or three and take them home with you as party favors!

Here's a Frankie Funny just for you, Madi!!    BWAR HAR HAR

The JUMBOTRON is still rocking the house!::::


Stray Cat Strut

And another party blasting video on the JUMBOTRON!::::

This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof
by Brian Setzer Orchestra

And finally, here is a special song about love and furiendship.   On behalf of all the citizens of Blogville, I dedicate this to our furiend, Madi.

That brings us to the end of Madi's Box Bash!    I hope all of you have had a super time and I send my final THANKS to Madi for her term of service as Blogville Mayoress.

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Bash Host

Madi's BOX BASH.... Post 4

Hey Everyone!
WELCOME BACK TO MADI'S BOX BASH!      The guests are lined up out the door and around the block and tons of furiends are already inside enjoying the party.   The turnout today to celebrate Madi's term as Blogville Mayoress has been amazing and there's more to come.   Be sure to click back to the previous 3 posts and come back again later for the final post of the day.    AND stop by to visit CHEF SASHA, BARMAID RUBY, and PLAYER ERNIE for some wonderful foodables, drinkies and party games.

And here comes another crowd of partiers!     So far everyone has remembered their box and Madi is thrilled with all of them!

Ralphie      Oh, I bet that packing material makes a good cardboard box even better!    Madi will want to jump right in there too.     

 Ranger          Um...does that box have some kitty litter inside?!?    Oh, BWAR HAR HAR that's so funny and purrfect!    

Ruby       Oh, Ruby you are adorable!      I'm so glad you are here and Madi will want to mingle with you too.   

Ruby our drinkie host!     Her box will be very pupular with everyone.  BWAR HAR HAR      Thanks so very much for handling all of our drinkies for the party!   

Rumpy       Now that's the right idea....a box full of presents and bows!    Madi will be so happy.   Great choice!  

Sammy         Oh, that box looks like the purrfect size for laying down inside!    Thanks for helping to get the word out about the party today.   Lots of kitty furiends are here thanks to you!

Shoko        Wow, you are a gorgeous kitty fur sure!     That paper will make a fun toy too.

Sidebite         Our next guest is Top Cop Bites and he's looking handsome in his hat!    Great color for Madi's gift box.

Susie      Wow, your hat is gorgeous too!    Madi will love your red box and I'll see you later around the party.    Thanks for coming!

Speedy     Madi is sure to love this box!    It's a castle and is so very cute.   Great idea for a gift for her.

Stella Rose       Oh, look at those cute red hearts!    I'm sure Madi will love this box and have some fun playing inside it later on.    Great choice for her!

Taffy      Looks like Taffy is trying to chew on this box, or maybe she's getting read to tape it shut.    BOL/MOL      This is so great and we are so glad you could join us for the party today!

Toby      Check out this great boxing technique!    Purrfect for a box that's a little snug.    BWAR HAR HAR    Madi will want to try this one out too.  

Tubby       Great combination of boxing fun and yoga!     Madi is so glad to see you and she'll really appreciate this cool box and the paper too.

Wallace and Samuel        Boxes with bows are so very pretty and fun!     I think Madi will enjoy opening these to see what's inside.   

AND, since I'm in charge of the JUMBOTRON,
here's one I picked just for me!!!   BOL/MOL
Though I've heard Buddy Rich is a cat fancier.   BWAR HAR HAR

And one for Madi and her kitty furiends:
Wow, that guy has everyone laughing and wagging!   

Holy Cow, I think everyone is finally here!     What a great group of partiers and the fun is just getting started.    Please stop back later for the last post and we will see what everyone is doing around the bash!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Bash Host