April 29, 2013

Crabby Monday... Major Announcement

Hello Blogville and Toodle-oo to Turkle!
We crabby girls, Shelldon & Beachnut, have a really big surprise to tell all of you today.

We talked it over with The Hands and decided it was time to increase our little family.  So, we want to ask if you will all help us send out a big Blogville Welcome to our newest crabby girl!  

She's a beautiful girl and has a very chic sense of style.  Quite the fashionista!

Here she is:

For now, Oceana is still getting used to her new surroundings and settling in here with us in our crabitat.  We like her very much.  She's such a girly-girl.  All fluff and very feminine.  She always keeps her legtips and claws looking lovely and she's very beautiful.  Her antennae are always kept just so.  It's sort of like living with a supermodel!  Teeheehee.    We are totally agog about this big development in our lives! 

See, when she moved in, she wore this:

Then she almost immediately changed her outfit for the big occasion, to this:

That evening, she made another quick wardrobe switch to this stunning ensemble:

Since that first day, she has made several other changes to her look, and always to the perfect outfit.  She really knows how to look her best and accent her gorgeous long legs.

So, this is our new crabby girl, Oceana!  We know we will all be good friends and have a lot of fun adventures together.  Next time, she'll be all settled in and ready to meet Blogville herself.

For now, please join us in giving her a big:
Little Pinches,
Shelldon & Beachnut
     and now, Oceana

A Special Work From The Hands:
Hi everyone.  We have actually had Oceana for several weeks.  Adding new hermit crabs to your group can be tricky.  Usually everyone gets along, but not always.  Sometimes the stress is too much and the crabs can actually have a leg or even several legs fall off.  Sometimes they survive this and even re-grow their legs and sometimes they don't.  Newly introduced crabs might fight over a favorite shell.  Again, sometimes this is fatal, sometimes it is just the normal process of determining the pecking order and who is dominant.   Oceana has been isolated in one half of the crabitat for 3 weeks to give her time to adjust.  A big thumbs up to our friends Daisy, Bella, and Roxy who noticed the plexiglass divider in the Snicker Saturday post where Sarge tells the girls a joke.   The girls met back on Thursday night.  I put them together briefly where I could supervise.  Oceana picked a shell fight with Beachnut, who was totally shocked!  POL.   I broke it up and gave them several days apart again.  Sunday, I took the divider out and the girls all walked around, climbed over one another, and usually ignored each other completely.  Lots of extra empty shells and extra food helps prevent any crabby behavior.  We think they are getting along now and have worked out their group.  I didn't want to introduce her to you until I was fairly sure everyone was okay.  I think we're fine now, but there are no guarantees.  We are all crossing fingers, paws and claws that life in the crabitat will settle in and now be a place of triple the fun and joy.    Thanks for coming along on this adventure with us!
The Hands

April 27, 2013

Stylin Saturday

Hey Everyone!
Wow, I had so much fun yesterday during Finn and Gizmo's Park Day!  It was great to enjoy the outdoors with bunches of my good furiends.

So, instead of my usual Snicker Saturday, I now present to you:  Stylin' Saturday!   Yes, I have new apparel to show off.   Last weekend, my Peeps got together with Frankie, Ernie, Mamaw and Papaw Pantslegs to visit the Pet Expo in Ohio.  They had a blast together and saw lots of other pooches, some kitties, some fish and reptiles and even some birdies.  There were lots of vendors there giving out goodies, selling toys and treats, and rescue groups raising money, awareness and arranging adoptions.  I'll show you some pix of their event in a minute.   For now, I have to tell you what I was up to:


Ptththththt.  Well, okay, I really enjoyed it.  I didn't even have to totally miss out on the Expo because I really cleaned up with lots of fun giveaways and purchases from my Peeps.  Clara's Collars had a booth there, and I always score a new collar or two or three.  HERE IS THE STYLIN' PART OF THIS STYLIN' SATURDAY POST~~~ thought I forgot the stylin' part, didn't you?!?

Check out this one!    IT HAS CRABBY GIRLS ON IT!    Not exactly like Shelldon & Beachnut, but close enough to be tons of wearable fun!

And my Dad loves the brown fishing collar!  It has all kinds of fishie stuff on it. 

And, there's more style!   Check out these three collar wraps.   They slide over my collars to give me more fashion options.   A guy has to keep in style and I always want to look good.

So, that's enough style for one Saturday.   Here are some more pix from the Expo:

We all got to see Starr and Tempest from Sagira's pack!

This is for my crabby girls...check out the pawesome shell!

OMD this is the Clara's Collars booth!   That's a seriously huge collection to choose from!

 Hey, we know these two!   Check out Frankie & Ernie in their no-walkin wagon.

This cute pooch was collecting tons of green papers for a bulldog rescue group.  Pucker up!

And there was cool dock diving!   Check out the splash.

So, it was a pawesome time and I did some great COP work.  Hope you had fun seeing my stylin' new collars!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

April 26, 2013

Park Day...and a HUG

Hey Everyone!
Wow, I'm so very excited to be joining my good furiends, Finn and Gizmo for PARK DAY!   Did you visit a park too?   I sure hope so.  If you did, get your own post up about it and join the fun.  A special hug follows my park adventure!

My peeps took me to the park at my local lake.  We hiked all around the grounds and got some great pix of the action:

Hey, look!    No park would be complete with out a BENCH!  BOL

This park is really fowl!  Get it?!?  Fowl?!?  ahem. 
Okay, it's part of a conservation effort for water birdies.

Down the park path we go!  Follow the tail floof to adventure.

What a pawesome hike today in my favorite local park!

I hope all of you get a fun time like this today.  Thanks so much to my good furiends Finn and Gizmo for coordinating all of this excitement and adventure.  To all of my other furiends...join in and BARK IN A PARK TODAY!

OKAY, so I promised you a special HUG moment, so here it is:   Today is also Hug an Australian Day!   Isn't that totally pawesome!   I want to send a super special Sarge hug to all of my many amazing Ausie furiends, and a double huggie to Daisy/Bella/Roxy for sending me that cool tree rat ident-a-kit.  The Blogville Police Dept is using it all the time for the Wanted Wednesday series!  Thanks, girls for thinking of me and the PD.  So, everyone, join me today by hugging your Ausie furiends. 

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Park Ranger

April 24, 2013

April 20, 2013

Snicker Saturday...On The CritterCam

Hey everyone!
Wow, there is all kinds of evidence that Spring has hit my territory!   Here's your chuckle for the week, courtesy of Spring Fever and my neighbors.

 My Dad has a crittercam right outside my fence and it catches some really cool pix of the invaders who trespass in my territory.     Yes, there really is a laugh coming up.  BOL

 Turkey Closeup


Oh, bwar har har!   Get it...gob-blur?!?   OMD that's a good one!   
ahem.   Maybe you had to be there.

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Comedian

April 17, 2013

April 15, 2013

Crabby Monday...CocoHut

Hello Blogville!
We crabby girls would like to give another big CONGRATS to Blish for winning our Amazing Exotics event!

We sent The Hands out shopping for a pressie pack just for him.  They did a pretty good job and the prize is going in the US Mail this morning.  Mr Blish, we hope you like your goodies and thanks again to all of our exotic friends for joining in the fun.

 After all of the excitement of our big event, we decided we deserved a little treat of our own.  So, we sent The Hands out shopping for us too!   Teeheehee

First, we had a little meeting to discuss what we wanted... 

Then, after we made our choice, off went The Hands to the local store for our goodie.  Here's what they came back with...

Check it out friends!   We got our very own real COCONUT!   Oh My Clawd we are so very excited.  You can see us above, talking about the great choice we made.  We asked Mr The Hand to cut it for us so that we can have two cocohuts made from it.  And, OMC is that fresh, natural coconut delish to munch on.  We are enjoying every little pinch and taste.   Besides, the cocohut is great to hidey in and climb all over.

We give Mr The Hand two big claws up for a perfect job with our treat!   Thanks bunches.  He said it's our own personal COCOCRABANA!    Teeheehee that's a good one Mr The Hand!

Little Pinches,
Shelldon & Beachnut

April 13, 2013

Snicker Saturday...Pssst....Hey Girls...

Psssst....Hey Girls! ....ppsstttt

So, two crabs walk into a sandbar....

Feel free to comment your own punchline!  BOL/POL/MOL
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

April 10, 2013

April 08, 2013

Crabby Monday...Contest Winner

Hello, Blogville!
Gosh, we crabby girls have been waiting and waiting and waiting forever it seems for our contest to finish so we can draw our winning exotic friend.


We are so very happy to say that we had 6 great entries, and we want to you to meet each of them.  Click on the links to go see their blog and learn more about that amazing friend.

 Meet our new friend, BLISH!  
Blish is a Siamese Fighting Fish, or Beta Splenda.  Blish is feisty and has a double tail.  He breathes air, so he likes to lay on leaves near the surface of the water.  He lives with Reilly & Denny.  Click on BLISH here to see the blog and look for the 3-20-13 post to read more.

 Look at this great group of exotic friends!   
Meet Sooty, Mickey, Natasha, some fish and some birdies.  Above, you will see a gorgeous group of gerbil friends and below you will see a tank with three cool fish and two of the feathered exotics in this group.  All of these amazing animals share their world with Echo.  Click on SOOTY here to link to their blog and read more.  See their 3-3-13 post.

Next is our friend, Lenny!
Lenny is a female Bearded Dragon.  She is seven years old and likes to munch on crickets.  She also enjoys typing POL and shares her life with Stella & Rory.   Click on LENNY here to link over to the blog and check out the 4-2-13 post to read more about her.

Here we have a beautiful family of Hummingbirds!
The top picture shows the momma bird sitting on her eggs and protecting them until they are ready to hatch.  The bottom picture shows a new baby bird poking its head out to see it's momma.  This happy family shares its world with Ruby.  Click on HUMMERS here to link to the blog and read the 3-26-13 post for more details.

Look at this awesome group of Goat friends!
These fabulous animals are all named for flowers, so meet Daisy, Vinca, Violet, and the twins Honey Suckle and Hawthorne.   They are all so very cute.  This group lives with Nola and if you click on GOATS here, you will link to the blog and can check out the 4-1-13 post for more information about them all.

Here comes our new friend, Doug!
Doug is a unique Solomon Island Skink.  He has a cool habitat to live in and loves to eat vegetables.  His favorite snack happens to be green beans.  POL   He has a long, very awesome tail.   Doug lives with Two Punk Dogs and if you click on DOUG here, you can check out the blog and the 4-3-13 post to see more of him.

OKAY, THE BIG MOMENT HAS ARRIVED!   You have met all 6 of our amazing and extremely exotic entries, so it's time to pick our winner.  The winning friend will receive a present specifically chosen for him/her.    Sarge, drumroll please!

A Big Crabby Congratulations to BLISH!
Please email The Hands with your mailing address and we will send your prize to you.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and spectated!  POL  
Little Pinches,
Shelldon & Beachnut