July 17, 2012

Super Swimmers

Hey Everyone!
Wow, I think Blogger needs more coffee this morning or something!  (Maybe they should visit the Starbucks at the funeral home where Puddles lives BWAR HAR HAR)  Anyway, it won't seem to let me add pix to my post here this morning.  Booooooo.   So, we'll have to do this W.O.P. or With Out Pix.  BOL

Here are all of the contestants so far in my Swimming event:
Barnie,     Snowball,     Madi,     Frank the Tank,     Wilson & Jimmy,     Molly the Wally,     CocoBean,     Miss Mindy,     Rubie,     Sweet William the Scot,     Sally Ann,     Andy,     Zoey,     Jazzi,     Bella,     LilyBelle & Muffin,     Jasper,     Susie,     Sidebite,     Posie,     Lorenza,     Sam,     Crickett,     Bertie,     Dexter,     Ryker,     Casey,     Asta,     Nora,     Norwood,     Tess,     Lassiter Chase & Benjamin,     Stormy,     Lulu,     Henry,     Puddles,     Roo,     Goose,     Finn,     Rama,     Tucker,     Deccy,     Mango,     Shawnee,     Luke,     Corbin,     Murphy & Stanley,     Turkle,     Einstein,     Darwin,   and three other Extreme Exotics. 

Yes, sports fans, that's a total of 57 as of this minute.  Now, for those of you who are not listed, you have until tomorrow (7-18-12) at midnight USA EST.     All of the events will close tomorrow at midnight, so you had better hurry and get entered!   Lots of fun competitions and lots of fun furiends to join in with!

Here is the list of events that I am entered in so far:
Parade,     Bloopers,     Window Art,     Sleeping Singles,     Synchronized Sleepers,     Bouncing,     Cross Neighborhood Walkabout,     Beach Ball,     Gymnastics,     Couch Potato Peeling,     Tongue Curling,     Critter Stalking,     Discus,     Single Stick Carry,     Pole Jumping,     Marathon Chewing,     Digging,     Tuneful Farting,     Keep Away,     Equestrian,     Camera Avoidance Tae Kwon Do,     Synchronized Peeing,     DeStuffing,     Freestyle Zoomies,     Roaching n Rolling,     Squirrel Hurdles,     Boxing,     Extreme Weather Sports,     Turbo Tracks,     Bathtub Wrestling,     Snack Sack Race,     Stupendous SniffAThon,     High Jump,     Best Nippy Faces,     Red DotAThon,     Fierceful Yawning,     Balance Beam,     Counter Surfing,     Competative Napping,     Closing Ceremony.
I think that's 40 total!

The Crabby Girls are in:
Parade,     Draw Your Peeps,     Beach Ball,     Gymnastics,     Digging,     Tuneful Farting,     Equestrian,     Closing Ceremony.     That's 8 for them!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Athlete


Matilda the Boxer said...

57?! Wow, you're going to have a FULL blog on your event day!

Lovable Lily said...

Wow Sarge! That sure is a lot of swimmers in your event. The BIG question we gotta ask you this morning is this.... Who is gonna be the life guard?

Lily Belle

Finn said...

Nice!! I can't wait to see the crabby girls in action!

GOOSE said...

57! Holy Dog all those pups will make a BIG slash as they enter the water.

Unknown said...

Oh Sarge what an event an what a list of entries. We have done all ours and now going for a well earned nap.
Have a great Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

Millie and Walter said...

Wow! You are one energetic pup to be entered in 40 events!


George The Lad said...

Heck, that's a turn out. Better tell Tess she got lots of competition ;)
I'd be with you on some of them, but 40 well done you
Have a good week
See Yea George xxx

Patrice and Higgins said...

I guess I need to get busy and pick my sport that I am going to pawticipate in. With mom being gone for so long, I was running behind!


Sankissjuice said...

Wow, you sure are very athletic! A total of 40 is an amazing no. to beat. I am trying to enter piggies in as many events as I can but no way we can beat 40. We love that the Crabby Girls are joining too, hehe.

I'll be back,

Dachshund Nola said...

That's great, Sarge!

Murphy said...

We still have a few more to enter so we better hurry!!

The Newly Graduated,

Murphy & Stanley

Sweet William The Scot said...

40 events Sarge, you are in 40 gosh I thought I was doing good entering 17. Now you better put more water in the pool with that many contestants the water might dry up.
Sweet william The Scot

Shawn said...

Wow,that is a lot of entries!
Mom didn't get me registered for your event cuz she's old and slow! She just ran out of time butt she had the NERVE to blame it on my sickies the last few weeks! Geeeeessssh, she said I wasn't getting within a 10 foot pole of any water until she nose I'm 200% better! I've been thinking of packing my food bowl, and bully sticks, to head for greener pastures butt I nose she couldn't survive wiffout me!
Your furiend,

sprinkles said...

Blogger can be so fussy sometimes!

It looks like you got tons of pawticipants for the Olympics swimming event. Looking forward to reading everyone's posts.

Frank The Tank said...

You need coffee too! Crabbys are in my extreme weather sports event too Sarg! X x x Frank x x X