July 16, 2012

Crabby game

Helloooooo Blogville!  Toodle-oo to Turkle and Hi to Froggle and Marshie!
Shelldon here to show off my new physique since I molted and scared The Hands last week!  Check out last Crabby Monday if you missed it.

So, I'm all bright and happy now that I feel better and I found the coolest thing in our crabitat!  There's this intense new shell and I'm very fascinated by it.   I'm all intrigued by its's all a big swirl.  And, it definitely has a great coating of something yummy!  I can't say if it's got some salty flakes dried on it, or if it has some calcium or mineral on it, but whatever it is I LOVE IT!   I was thinking about moving into this shell to live, but so far, I've spent several days just examining it and munching on it!  The Hands got all the action here...

You can see my little eating pincher working away at the tasty parts of this wondrous shell!

Besides working over this stupendous shell, I did some climbing too!
Nice balancing and climbing, right?!?

BTW:  We're entered in several of the upcoming Blogville and Cat-o-lympic events!
So, what's new in your world?
Little Pinches,
Shelldon (& Beachnut)


Anonymous said...

Wow Shelldon you're like a new crabby now that you've molted! Rock climbing and eatin like mad! :) That is a very pretty shell you're munching on. Maybe after you've cleaned the outside it will be suitable for your new home ;)

Waggin at ya,

BordoggyTerrier said...

Well it all looks a bit fishy to me - ha ha (paw ok, maybe not ha ha ey, thought I am trying - though not as much as Mummy2Legs who can be pawticulary 'trying' some days ha ha? No? Ah well, I will be off now, you are safe from my bad jokes for a bit!) Love Barnie x

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Shelldon what are you doing with that super shell? Are you trimming it down so you can use it fur a RACING SHELL fur the Olympics? THAT is really cool THAT you can clamp onto it that way. WOW girrrl you can really CLIMB to new heights now that you have your NEW and Improved exoskeleton.

Frank The Tank said...

Awwww Shelldon! You are all shiney and new! Some great little eating pincher action going on there! You look like a whole new not so crabby guy! Wahoo! Love and licks from Frank xxxxxxxxxxxx

GOOSE said...

That looks like a great shell. But be careful and don't eat yourself out of house and home. hehe get it.

Finn said...

You guys are the cutest! can't wait to see what events you entered!

Matilda the Boxer said...

I think it's SO cool that you can change houses like that! I can just change my collars and bandanas.

Unknown said...

We have awarded you a little award. Pop over and collect it when you can. Wishing you the best.
Best wishes Molly

Millie and Walter said...

Those were some action packed videos! I can see how you really liked eating that shell.


Dachshund Nola said...

That's a great shell!

Backcountry Brodie said...

Crabs molt? Who knew? I is molting right now. Do that mean there will be a whole new me unnerneath when all my furs have molted out? Anyway, those noms look tasty. Fur a crab. And great climbing skills you has there. Watching you climb reminded me of sumpin.... Oh yeah, mom climbing up a mountain when we is hiking, BOL.

Two French Bulldogs said...

That is a cool shell that appeared
Benny & Lily

3 doxies said...

Wells I feels stoopid cuz I nevers knew you melt...or molt, whatevers. Dang, so you gets like a new wardrobe when you does dat? Dang!

Oh and can you tells Sarge I tinkled ALLLLLLL overs myself when I read his comment overs at Frankie and Ernie's! Yes I did!


Murphy said...

We entered a bunch of events too! Hope everyone got their entries in cuz the deadline looms!

Your friends,

Murphy & Stanley

Sagira said...

Sure was cool seeing you guys on video. Your new shell sure does look cool. Can't wait to see if you decide to move into it.

K9 Katastrophie said...

Hi Shelldon! You are very brave to be balancing like that! That new shell is quite interesting! I still can't get over how you molted!! That is so cool! I shared the story with my hands and they thought your prank was so funny!

Your crabitat is very nice!

Shell Flakes,

Bassetmomma said...

Your so shiny! Are you cleaning that shell up to be your new diggs? :)

Dexter said...

OK, you are kind of freaking me out here. You eat your own shell?