December 18, 2010

Snicker Saturday - The Fake Out

Hey everyone!  Happy Snicker Saturday!    Well, this snick is on me...again...sort of.   I gotta say in my defense that it took Mom and Dad about a year to figure this out, but when they sit at their table to eat, they get a front row seat to all the critters that like to invade my territory.  They can see out the window onto my deck where the birdies, squirrels, racoons, flying squirrels, etc all come to eat seeds.  This, of course, drives my K9 cop self absolutely bonkers!  Invaders!!  So, every time they would get to Ohh-ing and Awe-ing about some other critter on my deck, I'd run to the window with my best Grrr, Woof, Leap, Jump and fit-throw to chase them all away.  The snicker on my peeps is that they seemed to think I had some super K9 senses to hear or smell these invaders...then one day...much, much later, they finally caught on that I just watched them.  Whenever they get excited and point out the window, I knew it was my cue to charge!  BOL BWAR  Now, I do have super K9 senses, but not that good.  Well, that was the last of my fun at their expense, because now that they are onto me...they take horrible advantage of my cop-dog self.  Now they just periodically point and act excited so I will run to the door...alas for no reason at all.  Then they just snicker at my forlorn self.  I just can't help it...I get had over and over, but  can't resist the bait just in case there might really be another invader!    [THIS IS THE POINT IN THIS POST WHERE ALL OF YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO SNICKER AT MY EXPENSE..GO AHEAD, IT'S OKAY.]  Anyway, that's a long story, but you sorta get  double snicker this way.  My peeps were really slow to catch on, and now I get the frequent fake-out.  Oh well, our entertainment value remains high.  Enjoy your snicker and here are some pix of the action:

Here's the view from the table in the kitchen.

I did my job and ran to the door...alas, nothing there.  Teeheees from my peeps.

I'll always charge...sometimes there are invaders in need of a scolding!!

Happy Snicker Saturday,
Grr and Woof,
Sarge,  COP  (Chief Of Police)


Unknown said...

Poor Sarge! I can't beeleeve your humans get enjoyment from tricking you that way!!

by the your red banadana!!!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Don't blame you Sarge. Lily would be screaming too
Snorts and Snuggles
Benny & Lily

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Yeah we get tricked with an 'uh oh'......'cause it CAN mean a cat. But sometimes, she does that old fake-out, too.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I know we are SUPPOSED to kinda feel sorta Sorry fur you and stuffs... butt I can hardly manage to do it. Well, Ok... it IS Christmas so here... give this to your mom and dad..
the official Dachshund RASPBERRY!!!
Merry Christmas SARGE... AKA Chief of Police, Blogville

Mack said...

Just wait till one of those critters accidentally comes inside......Sarge to the rescue!

Remington said...

Sarge, you are always on the job and your family should be very happy for that! You protect them....I am certain they didn't mean any harm, they were just joking around. Keep up the good work, my friend!

The Daily Pip said...

I would never snicker at your expense, Sarge!

Your pal, Pip

sprinkles said...

Did you remind your pawrents that you're Chief of Police in Blogville? I would remind them both of this and also tell them that every time they do this, they're filing a false report. You can get in a LOT of trouble for filing a false report with the po-lice! Just sayin'!

♥ Sallie said...

Nobody messes with the Chief of Police! :)


Zona said...

Despite their snickers, I'm sure they feel super safe with you on the job, Sarge!! I know I would!!!

Your bestest girl,

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Haven't they heard about being good fur that Santy Paws fella?


Wyatt said...

You tell them, it is not good to cry wolf!
What's gonna happen, when they need a real canine cop? hehe


Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

We agree with Wyatt. Someday they're gonna be screaming because of a real danger and you're just gonna ignore them and lay there while someone breaks in or something. Serve them right. Although we know you'd never really lay down on the job.

Merry Christmas, Sarge!

Jed & Abby

Dexter said...

Oh man! That is so lame. My humans used to do the same thing with my hapless Grandpa Angus, "Angus! Where's the rat? Where's the rat?" He fell for it EVERY time. It was so embarrassing.