October 01, 2010


Hey everyone.  Happy Friday!    I'm busy here at home visiting with (and torturing) Cousin Frankie.  I really do like the little furry guy, but he's in my territory and I just can't help myself.  I try to be nice, but every now and then I gotta show him who's in charge here in my yard.  Anyway, since I'm tied up, here's just a quick post of a pix we ran across last weekend...thought it might remind you all of someone we know...

Bet that's one HUGE dip of frozen yogurt! 

Grr and Woof,


Dexter said...

Maybe that should say, "Mango yogurt, PeeWee sherbert." Ha!


Lola and also Franklin, too said...

Oooh, Mango's gonna be upset about that. Probably so is Kiwi. I don't know anyone name Kiwi, but I bet there's a doggy out there by that name somewhere.

lotsa licks, Lola

Two French Bulldogs said...

Great sign Sarge. Hope you are not tied up to tight. BOL
Benny & Lily
Pee S.
We will leave you an award tomorrow

Road Dog Tales said...

Hmmm, think we've been turned off Mango-flavored foods for a while, if you know what we mean :)
The Road Dogs

Zona said...

Love your new header picture, Sarge! Makes me think of summer time!!!

Try to have fun with Frankie. He's a pretty nice guy!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

SARGE..... What the heck have you done to me NOW??? I am now stuck at Miss Buss Off.. the groomer lady's house. What have you done with MY MOM ?????

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarge! Sorry it took me SOOOOO long to come by and say hi. Somehow my mom/assistant didn't puts your bloggie in our reader. But you're in there now, thank dogness!

It's kinda disturbing how many mango flavored things there are now. I know he's relentlessly huge, but if things keep up the way they are - pretty sure Mango's gonna be the size of a chihuahua!

Wiggles & Wags,

3 doxies said...

Hehehehe...dat is a good sign fur sures. Wonder what Mango tastes like.
If you are able to speaks with Frankie, let him know dat I has contacted Pip to assist with his hostage situation.


sprinkles said...

I really like that new header picture. It shows off your spotted tongue so nicely.

I thought Frankie was at Miss Buzzoff's house - the groomer lady? Well, I hope you enjoy him while he's there. He seems like a fun guy to have around.

♥ Sallie said...


Does Miss Buss Off have Alien too? Who is stealing my friends!?

Sarge! Help us!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Sarge!
Now I know what is going on there!
Mango yogurt! yummy!
Have fun
Kisses and hugs

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Mango is khwite khorrekht



Scooter said...

Hi Sarge
My name is JAzzi. I read about you on Frankie;s blog and nice to see you in blogland!! yes, that must be a big ole heap for sure. I am sure that the Mango would just LOVE it!!!


K9 Katastrophie said...

Hi sarge! We came over from Frankies! Hi!


the booker man said...

rut roh. this might make mango have nightmares again!!

the booker man

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...


Love the sign and love what Mango said.
Frankie sounds a little pissed off, don't he?


rottrover said...

I'll bet that's one RH serving of yogurt!!