November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...Which Toy


Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP


Mango said...

Your head could explode from having to make decisions like that.


Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! It's Wordless Wednesday. WOW! You got lots of toys. Happy Wednesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Frankie Furter said...

OH how well ERNIE could relate to THIS.. CHEWSing is very much Difficult.

Boo's Mom said...

Decisions, decisions! Even dogs have them!

road-dog-tales said...

Wow! And we thought your little cuzzin' Ernie had lots of toys! But looks like you've got good decision-making skills, Sarge, which is a very good thing for a COP to have :)

Oooh, thanks for the reminder about giving you the bird! :)

The Road Dogs

scotsmad said...

Tough decision, 'cause when you do choose one, you miss out on the others.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Sarge, we are going to make an official complaint against our parents. We need more toys. If its good enough for the Sarge, it should be good enough for us. We will let you know whether they improve their toy purchasing skills. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Two French Bulldogs said...

Our birdie will be posted
Benny & Lily

Mr. Pip said...

WHOA!!! Look at all those super cool toys!!

Your pal, Pip

Nola said...

That looks like fun! Happy Wednesday
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola

Meeka said...

Wow, I'm impressed, you take good care of your toys. My toys either have holes or missing limbs.

Rubie said...

Hi Sarge,

It looks like "Petsmart" toy department exploded on your floor there!! Lucky Duck.

Tail Wuggles, Rubie


Dude looks like you need some help. I'm coming right over!!

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Decisions decisions~~~~~~
You take better care of your toys then Zoie does!!! Bambi took good care of her toys too. Tinker did not and Zoie doesn't do as well as Bambi did!!
xx, Zoie & Fern
PS~~ haven't forgot the bird!!

Remington said...

WOWZERS! You could make a week of it -- taking turns playing with each one! Enjoy!

Sagira said...

You sure have a lot of toys. Can I borrow a squeaky one? BOL