May 23, 2015

Snicker Saturday....Mom's CARcass

Hey everyone!
Wow, I'm so excited because I have company this weekend!   YUP, it's:

So, I won't be around much because we'll be super busy having lots of fun.  BOL

BUT, it wouldn't be the weekend without a chuckle from me to you.   

Okay, what happens if you take THIS:



Answer:    You get THIS:

You got it!    My Mom had a little mousie living in her beloved RU.    Now, being a kind hearted, if somewhat nutty peep, she decided that this was cute.    Dad, not so much.    She made Dad leave it alone because it wasn't huring anything except a few napkins and tissues from her glove compartment and she said mice gotta live too.     ahem.

WELL, the poor wayward mousie musta gotten all sorts of confused and ended up in a part of the car where it couldn't get out.   You guessed it....the mousie died.    Right there inside the deepest inner guts of Mom's beloved RU.       Now, it's not so cute anymore.   

So, the end of the math equation is this.    If you take one cute mousie, add it to one beloved RU, add in one nest of napkins, divide by the square root of one rodent rainbow bridge crossing

Oh, that's toooo funny!   Mom's car has a yucky deceased mousie funk about it and stinks like mad.   She's stuck driving with her head out the window just like us.   BOL  

Hope this story gave you as big a laugh as it did me and Dad.   We've been ROFL about this for a few weeks now.   

PeeS:   Dad did try to find the little mousie CARcass, but it's somewhere deep inside the RU and can't be found.    We figure it will take about 2 months for the stink to disappear.   Poor mousie!

Have a super weekend, and for my American furiends have a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Laughing Hound

PeeS again:   I can laugh because I always travel in Dad's car!    BWAR HAR HAR

May 20, 2015

Happy for Me and our Dance

Hey Everyone!
Wow, today is my 9th Gotcha Day!    Yup, I was born in March of 2006 and Gotcha'd from the shelter by my Peeps on May 20th of 2006.    Happy Gotcha Day to Me and my lucky Peeps!  BOL

So, to celebrate today, I want all of YOUR peeps to give YOU extra yummers!   Okay?!?   Tell them the gotta hand over the snacker foodables to celebrate for me on my special day.   

Well, on to some business!     Recruit A Pal is already a full success!   We have 3 new/return bloggers and they will all be posting their introduction posts on 6-1-15.    THEN on 6-2-15 is the big WELCOME DANCE.    Now I'm thinking maybe some of you are forgetting about the community wide dance event because I only have a handful of guests and I'm surely hoping more of you are planning to attend.   So far I have:

Ernie and Roxy
Frankie (Date to be determined by Yente Ruby)
Madi and Raz
Spooky and Phoebe
Charlie and Enid
Finn and Wally
Charley and Sammy
Miss Oswin (Date to be determined by Yente Ruby)
Brom  (Date to be determined by Yente Ruby)
Cookie (Date to be determined)

So, if you're not listed, I don't have your pix yet!   HOLY MOLY, the deadline is 5-25-15.
Send your ready-to-post pix to me using     lfurman1987ATyahooDOTcom.

If you need corsages/boutonnieres, send your pix to Madi and she'll bloom you all up.  BOL

If you need a date, see Yente Ruby and she'll fix you up.  BOL

Music provided by:  DJ Rockin' Wills,  Bad Dawg Agency, and Surf Jammers.
Foodables provided by Chef Sasha.
Photo Booth provided by Dory.
Security ensured by Top Cop Bites and staff.

There's still time to recruit a new/returning pal! 
Meanwhile, please be sure you have visited and welcomed:

Congrats again to their recruiters:

My thanks to everyone who has been working to recruit, or has successfully recruited, or has joined us in Blogville, or is providing a prize, or is helping make the dance very special.  You furiends are the greatest!   This is what life in Blogville is all about.

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Event Host

Working Wednesday...Golfer Putts Served

Hey Everyone!
Wow, I'm so glad that last Working Wednesday I finally wrote a whole bunch of tickets for that dang nuisance GOLFER PUTTS!    They've been driving me crazy and last week I gave four citations to Top Cop Bites to serve to the local golf course.   Today's Working Wednesday will spell trouble for them fur sure!

So, run on over to Sidebite's blog to see the rest of the pix of him at his Chief of Police finest as he serves the tickets to the golf course manager!      Those peeps at Golfer Putts will remember this Working Wednesday for a long, long time.  BOL

Then stay tuned...Ernie the Attorney will be working on the case to haul Golfer Putts to the Court of Common Fleas.   Then we'll see what His MopHeadedNess has to say.  

Grr and an Official Woof,
Sarge, Police Commissioner