July 23, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Pol Comm

July 22, 2014

Safety Week Update

Hey Everyone!
Wow, we are planning such an amazing week of information and fun!   Top Cop Sidebite and I are sure that everyone will have a super time.   Please mark your calendars for August 11 through 16.

Here are the planned events so far:

8-11-14   Opening Ceremony Speech:  Madi
                Parade:    Me, Sarge

8-12-14  Poopbags/Flashlights:  Lassie & Benji
               Plant Dangers:  Reilly & Denny
               Wild Animal Encounters:   Lee & Phod
               Travel Safety:   Oz

8-13-14  HGE Illness:   Sidebite
               Food Safety:   Sasha
               Stranger Danger:  Angus
               Tree Rat Hunting Safety:   Ruby the Airedale

8-14-14  Pet Fire Safety:   FiveSibes
               First Aid Tips:   Goose
               Hot Weather Safety:   Idaho Pugs

8-15-14   Search and Rescue:  Bert
               Zoomie Safety:   Millie & Walter
               Stormy Weather Safety:   Casey & Cinderella

8-16-14    Picnic:   Sasha

See?!?!?   Isn't this super!   And we still have more topics and events that could be added.   We are asking all safety employees and anyone else in Blogville to volunteer to help out.  Possible topics could be things like:  Traffic Safety  ;  ID Chips  ;  Water Safety  ;   Pet Insurance  ;   Foodables for the week  ;  Drinks for the week  ;   Transportation from various events  ;  And I'm sure Sasha could use help with the big picnic.    Any of these or any other ideas would be welcomed.    Please let Sidebite know or leave a comment for me if you'd like to volunteer.   It's super easy...just post about your topic on the correct day.  THAT'S IT!   BOL 

Now, I am working my paws off preparing all of the PARADE entries for all of the safety employees.   For everyone else, if you'd like to be in the parade lineup, we'd be thrilled to have you.   Just send your completed, ready-to-post pix to me at    lfurman1987ATyahooDOTcom    by 8-1-14 and you'll be in the parade.    I'd be happy to have floats, fun vehicles, marching bands,  drill teams,  clowns,  anything you'd see in a parade.   The more the merrier!   
BTW:   Our big parade will include a float carrying Bad Dawg Agency in performance!   WOOHOOO
And, my crabby girls Surf Jammers will also be performing on a float!   

Come on...join in the fun with us!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Police Commissioner

July 21, 2014

Crabby Monday...Name The Sculpture Winners

Hello, Darlings. 

First, we must say that we are totally agog about our glamorous makeover!   Do you love our new blog layout as much as we do?  We are clacking our claws at the amazing work Ann did and thanking Frankie's Hand for the lovely gift.   Okay, on to some business:

Please don't forget about the upcoming festivities for Safety Week!   If you are interested in hosting a topic or part of the event, please contact Top Cop Sidebite, or leave a comment below.    If you wish to put an entry into the parade, please comment below and Sarge will get back to you.

Okay, on to some more crabby business:   POL
We crabby girls are so very pleased to announce the winners of our latest contest.   Recently we acquired a new dog sculpture to liven up our crabitat.    We asked all of you, our lovely friends to help us give the sculpture a fabulous name.   We had such a glorious response and we thank each of you for joining in with us.

Madi, Lee & Phod, our darling Coccolino, Reilly & Denny, Frankie & Ernie, Lily & Edward, Jazzi Barkalong, Sweet William, Ranger, Sagira, Murphy & Stanley, Millie & Walter, the Idaho Pugs, Ruby, Sprinkles, Casey, Lassie & Benji, Anna the GSD, Daisy, Blueberry.

The list of names included:  Sea Dog,  Sandy Paws,  Clawd,  Daniel,   Rosebud Butterball,  Sebastian,  Cooper,  Hermie,  Sinker,  Claw Dog,  Herman,  Charlie,  Wave,  Leon,  Petey,  Davy Jones,  Pebbles,  Rebel,  Rascal,  Sand Dollar,  Flipper,  Frank,  Bubbles.

The voting was furious and fierce and in the end it was very nearly a tie!    
But, finally one name won the contest by one vote.

Meet Davy Jones!     

This spectacular name was suggested by three of our good friends, so the winners are:

IdahoPugs,   Casey,   and  Daisy.   
Concrabulations to all three of you!   If you would please email your addresses to us at     lfurman1987ATyahooDOTcom   we will get a prize sent to you.   Now, if you don't know these wonderful friends, click their names and say hello!

Thanks so much to all of you for helping us with our project!
Ciao and Little Pinches,
Beachnut, Oceana, Shelldon
The B.O.S. Girls