July 04, 2015

Fourth of July

 Hey Everyone!
Wow, today is such a very special day in my country!  Happy Birthday, America!  I hope all of you celebrate today in a fun and safe way.  Be sure to remember to thank a veteran too.

Now, I'm still busy having a blast with FnE and Mamaw and Papaw Pantslegs, so I won't be around.  Butt, I wanted to send these All American pix and barks to all of you today.

Happy Fourth of July to all of my American furiends!
Grr and a Patriotic Woof,
Sarge, American Pooch

July 01, 2015

Cattle STAMPede ... End of the Trail

Hey Everyone!
Wow, I'm wagging like crazy because so far I have 26 entries in my Cattle STAMPede for the big Blogville Rodeo!   WHOOHOOOO    All of you have been so clever, fun, creative and imaginative with your brands.   I love them all.  

NOW TODAY AT MIDNIGHT IS THE END OF THE TRAIL!    Yup, pardners it's the deadline.

Don't forget:    We won't be hot-iron branding our cattle *yeouch* because that would just be mean.  Nope, we're ink stampering them instead.  BOL    If you want to brand a bovine, send your info to me using   lfurman1987ATyahooDOTcom   and let me know what you'd like.   You can send your own completed brand, or send me a description of your request and I'll work it up for you.    Either way is great, just get 'er done before midnight.  BOL 

If you already got your brand to me, feel free to post these yourselves on July 9th if you'd like.
I will be posting ALL of our brands and stampered up cattle that day.


Here is what my brand looks like!

Terms used are:
  • "Crazy": An upside down symbol. An upside down R would be read as "Crazy R".
  • "Reverse": A reversed symbol. would be read as "Reverse K". Reverse is sometimes called "Back" (i.e. a backwards C would be read as "Back C").
  • "Lazy": Symbols turned 90 degrees. Also, a symbol turned 90 degrees, lying on its face (or right hand side) can be read as "Lazy Down" or "Lazy Right" .
  • "Flying": a symbol that starts and ends with a short serif or short horizontal line attached before the left side of the top of the symbol and attached to the right side of the symbol, extending to the right of the symbol.
  • "Walking": a symbol with a short horizontal line attached to the bottom of the symbol, extending to the right of the symbol.
  • “Running”: a letter with a curving flare attached to the right side of the top of the letter, extending to the right, with the symbol sometimes also leaning to the right like an italic
  • "Over": a symbol over above another symbol, but not touching the other symbol. An H above a P would be read as "H Over P".
  • "Bar": a short horizontal line. For example, a short horizontal line over an M or before an M would be read as "Bar M".
  • "Box": a symbol within a square or rectangle or a square or rectangle by itself. A box with a P inside of it would be read as "Box P".
  • "Diamond": a symbol within a four sided box, the box tilted 45 degrees or a four sided box tilted 45 degrees by itself.
  • "Circle": a symbol within a circle, or a circle by itself. A circle with a C inside of it would be read as "Circle C".
  • "Hanging": a symbol beneath another symbol and touching the other symbol. Read as " H Hanging P", or just "H P".
  • "Swinging": a symbol beneath a quarter circle, the open side of the quarter circle facing the symbol, with the symbol touching the quarter circle. For example, a H with a quarter circle over it, with the top of the H touching the quarter circle would be read as "Swinging H".
  • "Rocking": a symbol above a quarter circle, the open side of the quarter circle facing the symbol, with the bottom of the symbol touching the quarter circle. For example, a H with a quarter circle under it, is read as "Rocking H".

So, there you go Rodeo Fans!    Have fun with your designs and send them to me TODAY.

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, CowHound

June 29, 2015

Crabby Monday...Beachnut Wanderings

Hello, Blogville Darlings.     It's me, your Beachnut girl, here to visit with you today.

It seems our splendid Shelldon has been buried for 87 years, but really it has been about 3 months now.   Goodness, I must admit that I am a tad concerned for her, but we cannot disturb her now.   She most assuredly buried in order to molt and a hermit crab busy molting should always be given her privacy.  Teeheehee      I know that The Hands are certainly concerned for her, but crabs our size sometimes take up to two months for the entire process.   Our Shelldon had a ginormous molting bubble that we all saw when she changed shells just before burying.   The molting bubble is a sack of loose skin that stores nutrients and water for us so that we have everything we need while we are buried for our molt.   My, aren't we fabulous and fascinating ladies?!?    POL     So, we must figure that our Shelldon is simply enjoying her alone-time and will emerge when she is ready to premier her newly freshened up self.  

Meanwhile, I've had our trendy crabitat all to myself.   Oh, I've had great crabby girl fun wandering around and enjoying our hidey holes, our loft and all of the gourmet foodables.    Teeheehee

 The Hands made this ritzy hut from a real coconut!

Our loft is the most stylish of our crabitat decor.     The stairs are natural hardwood, of course.   We still have our glamorous See Beautiful decoration from our darling Goose.    

 These long and lovely leggies are perfect for climbing around our loft!  

So, that's a little peek at life in the crabitat here at Sarge's house!  
Speaking of Sarge, he whispered to me that he now has 25 entries in his upcoming Cattle STAMPede for the Blogville Rodeo!    Goodness that's so very fabulous and we crabby girls are ready too.

The deadline to enter your cattle brand request is midnight on July 1st.   Please surf back to his older posts for information and all sorts of hints and symbols and lettering ideas to help you design your own exclusive brand.  

Until next week,

Ciao and Little Pinches,
Beachnut (and Shelldon)