October 30, 2014

Mystery Trip Revealed...Convention Part 1

Hey Everyone!
Wow, we bet you were sooooo curious about our big mystery trip!   BOL/MOL    Well, here is the deal...Madi and I are attending a Community Leadership Convention!    Isn't that the most exciting news?!?

Here we are to represent Blogville at the Convention!    Mayoress Madi and I will do our bestest to make everyone proud and learn bunches to make Blogville an even better place to live.
OMD isn't the center beautiful!     We're so lucky that the event is in HAWAII this year!   WOOOHOOO!

There are lots of seminars going on all day long.   There's so much to learn about
and so many ideas bouncing around to help communities grow and prosper.

We attended lectures all about encouraging volunteerism and civic involvement,

and there was a super talk about multi critter goverments,  we're so excited we got here first for this lecture!

and even a special event for civic retirement and pension programs!

So much to do and so much to learn!   OMD my brain is FULL!    BWAR HAR HAR

Well, gotta go...more things to see/do/attend.

Stop back later today to see what else went on for Mayoress Madi and your local Police Commissioner!    It isn't all work and no play.   Not at all!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Police Commissioner

October 29, 2014

Mystery Trip

Hey Everyone!
Wow, I have a ginormous amount of packing to do!   I'm off on a grand adventure.  

Gotta be sure I have everything I need.    I want to be prepared and sharp-dressed!   BOL

The crabby girls will be sure to take care of things for me while I'm gone.   They were all agog and clacking their claws for details!    NOPE, it's a mystery!   BOL

And AWWWAAAYYYYY we go!!!       Shhhhhhh, I'll not tell until tomorrow!
Tune in tomorrow for the low-down on our mystery get-away!

BTW:   Comment Moderation is now on, for the first time ever on this blog, so Mom can test it and be sure it will work perfectly for the Election on Nov 4th.   Gotta be certain no one can see how anyone votes!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Police Commissioner

October 27, 2014

Crabby Monday...Announcement

Hello Darlings!

We crabby girls are all agog because a very special event is nearly upon us!   We are so very proud to announce that our dearest Sarge is manning the Poling Site for our upcoming Blogville Mayoral Election.

Goodness, we are so very excited!    We have such spectacular candidates in Dory, and Murphy&Stanley.   The voting will be very close and we are so anxious to see who wins.   Now, to do your patriotic duty, you MUST VOTE!    That's right, darlings, you will need to cast your vote in a comment here to select our next city leadership.   

ELECTION DAY IS NOVEMBER 4th and here are the details:

Sarge will have COMMENT MODERATION  turned ON so that the comments will NOT EVER show up for the Voters to ever see... that will prevent any privacy issues.
The VOTING POST  will be put up at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time  November 4th... and  Voting will run for a FULL 24 Hours so that all Voters All over the WORLD will have time to Vote.  Once the Voting is CLOSED Sarge will tally all the Votes and send the RESULTS to Mayoress Madi  along with...     a printout Copy of the actual Votes.... so that she can VERIFY the results.    THEN when the votes are Verified...   by Both SARGE and MADI...    (Due to Lori//SARGE... having to WORK... it may take a day or so for the VOTES to be COUNTED.)
MADI   will be the one who     ANNOUNCES the Results On HER BLOG.   
NOTE:...  Once Sarge has sent the Results and a Copy of ALL the "Comments" AKA... the VOTES...   He will  then  DELETE that Blog Post...    so that all VOTES will Remain  SECRET forever.   Sarge and Madi are the ONLY ones who will EVER see and know Who Voted For the candidates...   and THEY have PROMISED to NEVER  reveal how anyone voted.   

So, darlings, you must stop by RIGHT HERE on November 4th and comment your vote.   As you saw above, it will all be invisible so no one will know how you voted.   That will ensure that no one will have hurt feelings.   We would NEVER allow that in Blogville.   Once the voting is closed, Sarge will count and notify Madi, and printout and mail the entire comment section so that she can verify the count.   Then the election post will be deleted forever thus ensuring a totally secret vote.

Here are some photos of your official POLING LOCATION!   The glorious Blogville Police Station.   It still looks fabulous after the big remodeling of Dec 2012.  Remember that project?

 Be sure to show up here on Nov 4th to comment your VOTE!

Police Commissioner Sarge has been working to be sure everything 
is ready for our big Blogville Mayoral Election day.

We hope to see all of you, the wonderful citizens of Blogville on the fourth!
Ciao and Little Pinches,
Beachnut, Oceana, Shelldon