February 08, 2016

Crabby Monday....Ice Sculptures

Hello, Bloville Darlings!      

Beachnut here today to say we are still hard at working finalizing the spectacular Valentine's Day Parade entries.    Goodness, we have had a stellar turn-out and cannot wait for the event of the season to arrive this Sunday!   POL        Meanwhile, we crabby girls do have something else quite fun to show you today.

 Working our long and lovely leggies off.   The floats are such great fun!

Yesterday, we were all agog because The Hands met up with the fabulous Frankie & Ernie and Their Hands to see a local event.        There was an Ice Sculpture Festival!!     Oh, how wonderful!   Be sure to visit Frankie & Ernie to see more! 

Now, we are tropical girls, so we were not at all interested in attending, but OMC they got perfect photos of some of the creations that are near and dear to our hearts.   POL    This one is a beautiful Star Fish!   And if you closely at his bottom/right leggie, he is holding a fish.    Isn't that wonderful?!?

And this one made us clack our claws with glee!    This stunning piece is a pair of gorgeous Sea Horses.    They have their lovely heads bowed together and their tails curled together at the bottom.   Oh, we find this one to be most splendid!    

There were lots of other artistic and creative designs, but these are very special to us.   

So, darlings, be sure to tune in here and at Frankie &Ernie's on Sunday for the Valentine's Day Parade!

Ciao and Little Pinches,
Beachnut (and Shelldon)

February 05, 2016


Hello, Blogville Darlings!    Goodness, this is the final push for our upcoming Valentine's Day Parade.   TODAY IS DEADLINE DAY!

We have been working our long and lovely leggies like crazy to get ready for the big day.   The floats are coming along splendidly.  

We crabby girls have coordinated with our lovely Frankie and Ernie.   We are almost ready.


Blogville Valentine’s Day PARADE     2-14-16

Co-Hosts:  Frankie, Ernie, Beachnut & Shelldon

Please join us for a parade to celebrate LOVE in Blogville.
·       Couples, Singles, Groups, Friends, Families, Dates
·       Floats, Bands, Drill Teams, Wagons, Vehicles, Balloons, Banners

Need Help??  If you’d like to pawticipate, but can’t edit photos, please send a clear pix of yourself to Beachnut & Shelldon at  lfurman1987ATyahooDOTcom by 2-5-16 and we will customize your parade entry.   Include your name and blog address.

No Help Required ; Photo Ready??   If you will prepare your own parade entry, please send one completed, ready-to-post photo to Frankie & Ernie at  frankiefurterpriceATgmailDOTcom by 2-5-16 and we will enter you in the parade.  Include your name and blog address.

The 2-5-16 deadline is firm.
Feel free to copy/paste the badge.

Then tune in on the 14th to watch the parade here and at Frankie and Ernie's.

Ciao and Little Pinches,
Beachnut & Shelldon
Parade, Co-Hosts

February 03, 2016

Wordless Wednesday...Winter Flashback

December 17, 2010

(No snow in my yard now, thanks to El Nino!)
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Furiend