August 15, 2011

Thinking Thursday Results...LIST OF EVENTS

Hey everyone!
Wow, it must be Monday again since I'm putting up the results from last Thursday's Brain Buster!
So everyone was supposed to scramble these letters up and post as many 6+ letter words as they could find.  We have two winners this week!

A Huge Sarge Congrats to:   FINN!   She found 10 great words, and her longest was Sideliner with 9 letters!  Woooohoooooo!  Great job Finn.  If you don't know her, you're missing out on a beauty.  Click on her name FINN here to go to her pawesome blog!

Here's a Big Honorable Mention to:  ROAD DOGS!  They found 4 fantastic words, and their most amazing one was....Rodents!   That's one cool word here in Blogville!  If you don't follow Road Dogs, you are missing out on another totally cool blog!  They are lots of fun. 
Click on their name ROAD DOGS here to go see them!

Thanks to both Finn and Road Dogs for pawticipating in my puzzler.  I hope everyone had fun!

Hey, there's so much going on in Blogville this Summer,
I thought I should make a list for us!

1.  Wyatt's Barkday is 8-23-11 and he's having a Day At The Fair!  See him by clicking on his name WYATT here to read the details!

2.  Blogville is having a Hat-A-Thon in honor of our furiends Sammy, Andy, Shelly.  It is on 8-24-11 so please post your pix/badges from when they have hatted you!  See them by clicking on SAS here to see their blog.

3.  Crossed Paws is having a Summer Auction right now!  Bidding is open from today until noon
on 8-28-11.  They could use more donations of items and definitely lots of bids. More, more, more! 
Please go to CROSSED PAWS here to see all the Auction Action!  This is all to support our furiends in their time of need.

4.  Early September is gonna rock with a flurry of events from the 3rd throught the 5th:
  It's a Back to School Bash!! 

Pawm (you know, a Senior Dance) hosted by Boondocks
What's In Your School Lunch hosted by Jazzi.
Wally Melon Recipe Class taught by Sugar.
Bug House hosted by SAS.
French Class taught by Benny & Lily.
Squirrel Chasing 101 taught by Dory.
Political Science taught by Frankie.
Flower Show hosted by Finn.
Physical Education taught by Pip.
Pool Party hosted by Dachsies with Moxie.
Bounce House hosted by Road Dogs.
Concert by Pawsbang.
Concert by Highrollers Jazz Band.
Munk Mock hosted by me, Sarge.
School Daze hosted by Oskar.
ISMS (dogism, catisms) hosted by Ronnii and Ujio.
Class Roaching 202 taught by Mona.

5.  Crossed Paws is also sponsoring a special limited time event called BUY-A-SLURP!  Send your lip-lapper pix to pawsofpeaceATgmailDOTcom and then see how many furiends pay $1.00 for one of your kisses!  All done by kindness to support our furineds in need.

6.  Crossed Paws will also be sponsoring a special limited time event called SAND-SCRIPT MESSAGES.  You will be able to check out their special blog called sandDASHmessagesDOTblogspotDOTcom for details about how for $1.00 you can create a custom sand message for someone special! 

WHEW!   That's a lot of pawesome events!  Isn't Blogville the coolest place to live?!?  I mean just look at all the fun things to do and nice events to enjoy and help each other.  I LOVE THIS PLACE!

Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP


Amber DaWeenie said...

Yup, Pup....Blogville is wonderfur!!!! Me wuvs livin' here!

Frankie Furter said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO FINN and the ROAD DAWGS !!! AMAZING that they could see sooooo many words...
THIS was a SUPER DUPER Post... I want to Borrow IT!!! You got EVERYTHINGY Pawed... and SOOOOO WELL. Must be from all your experience fillin out those Long PAWlice Reports. BaaaaWaaaah.

Benny and Lily said...

We sound like we are going to need extra security in Blogville, BOL
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Wow we are gona have LOTS of fun and really be in need of a long nap after too!

woos, Tessa

road-dog-tales said...

REEEEALLLY??? We got Honorable Mention??? Awesome!

Thank dogness for you and Frankie keeping us on all the Blogville goings on. Our heads are spinning with all the activity.

The Road Dogs

scotsmad said...

SHE forgot to do the word thingy.....congrats to the winners who obviously have more 'with it' PA's.

There's a lot happening in Blogville. Hope we can keep up.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

sprinkles said...

The first half of my summer was really busy, looks like the second half will be too! Lots going on in Blogville, thanks for the list.

Mr. Pip said...

Oh my gosh, my head is spinning. Are we going to have so much fun or what!!! I better get busy on my pictures!

Your pal, Pip


Wow I came back from a break just in time... tons of fun lined up. I'm glad you made a list..
Sarge the social director- like julie on the loveboat???

Schnauzer Days said...

We think we'd better have a rest for a coupe of days before all the whoop whooping starts, we may not get any sleep for a while :-) Dex and Lou xxx